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How to Griddy in EA FC 24 – A Step-by-Step Guide

Griddy in EA FC 24

Alright, so you just scored an epic goal in EA FC 24 and now you want to celebrate in style. You’ve seen all the pros doing their signature goal celebrations and you’re ready to bust out your own moves. The “Griddy” is the hottest new goal dance taking over the virtual pitches, and now it’s your turn to get in on the action. This step-by-step guide will have you griddying with the best of them in no time. Get those thumbs ready, it’s time to learn how to be griddy! Whether you’re playing as your favorite star or with your own created pro, follow these simple moves and you’ll be griddying your way to legendary status. Let’s get started!

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What Is the Griddy Dance Celebration in EA FC 24?

The Griddy dance celebration in EA FC 24 is an animated touchdown dance your players can perform after scoring. To trigger the Griddy, press and hold L2 + R2 (LT + RT) after crossing the goal line. Your player will proceed to hop up and down, pumping their arms and kicking their legs out one at a time.

This viral touchdown celebration was popularized by NFL players like Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase. The energetic, bouncing moves are all about pure excitement and joy after reaching the end zone. Now you can join in on the fun and show off your skills with an epic Griddy celebration in EA FC 24.

To really sell the Griddy, start hopping as soon as your player crosses into the end zone. Mash the L2 and R2 buttons to get some extra air and throw in arm pumps on the beat. On the third hop, kick one leg out to the side, then the other leg on the next hop. Find your rhythm and ride that wave of momentum all the way through your animated Griddy performance. The more you practice, the more hype your Griddy will become.

Bust out the Griddy to rub in that clutch touchdown, celebrate with teammates, or just to get the crowd fired up. However you choose to use it, the Griddy dance is the perfect way to show your style and confidence after lighting up the scoreboard in EA FC 24. Now get out there and start practicing your touchdown dance moves – you’ll be hitting the Griddy in no time!

When to Use the Griddy Celebration in EA FC 24

So you just scored an epic goal in EA FC 24 and you’re feeling the excitement. Time to bust out the Griddy! This viral celebration is perfect for when you want to show off your skills on the virtual pitch.

When your player does their signature move

If your player has a signature goal celebration or skill move, the Griddy is ideal for highlighting it. As soon as the ball hits the back of the net, get tapping to make your player start the arm-swinging, high-kicking Griddy dance. Your opponent will know they’ve been beat by the best.

When you win a crucial match

Nothing’s more satisfying than clinching an important victory, so commemorate the moment with the Griddy. Whether you won a title-deciding match or came from behind to beat your fiercest rival, tap your player to start proudly shuffling those feet and pumping those arms. Victory never felt so good!

When you want to frustrate your opponent

If your opponent’s been talking trash or playing dirty, the Griddy is the perfect way to get in their head. Score a goal and tap your player to taunt the other team with the hypest new goal celebration. The furious messages you’ll get after the match will make the win even sweeter.

The Griddy has quickly become the hottest goal celebration in football both real and virtual. So next time you’re dominating in EA FC 24, get your player’s arms swinging and feet kicking to show off your skills in style. Your opponents won’t know what hit ’em!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Doing the Griddy in EA FC 24

To do the Griddy celebration in EA FC 24, follow these steps:

Select your player

First, choose a player on your team who just scored a goal or made an epic play. This will be the player you control to do the Griddy with.

Move the right stick

Flick the right stick up twice in quick succession to trigger the Griddy. Your selected player will start swinging their arms side to side and kicking their legs out in a dance move that resembles riding a horse.

Add style

As your player rides the “horse”, flick the right stick in different directions to add some steez to your Griddy. Move the stick left and right to swing your arms, up to kick your legs higher, down to squat lower. Get creative with it! The more you vary the arm and leg movements, the better your Griddy will look.

Keep the beat

Time your right stick movements to match the beat of the music playing in the stadium. The Griddy was created by rapper Takeoff and is meant to be performed to hip hop music. Move to the rhythm of the bass and drums for the most authentic look.

Show off for the crowd

While holding the left trigger, move the right stick in circles to turn your player in circles, all while continuing to do the Griddy. Spin in place to show off for the roaring crowd and celebrate your amazing play in style!

Share the replay

Once you’ve perfected your Griddy, be sure to save the replay of your epic goal and share it with friends. The Griddy paired with a screamer of a goal is sure to garner lots of likes and views from fellow EA FC players. Practice and have fun with it!

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Top Tips for Pulling Off the Griddy Smoothly

To pull off the Griddy celebration flawlessly in EA FC 24, keep these pro tips in mind:

Practice the moves

Before busting out the Griddy on the pitch, practice the signature arm movements and leg shuffles in front of a mirror. Start with the arm motions – bend your elbows and swing your arms side to side, keeping your upper arms stationary near your sides. For the leg shuffle, bend one knee and kick the opposite foot back and forth, shuffling side to side. Once you’ve mastered the individual moves, put them together into a smooth sequence. Practice makes perfect!

Timing is everything

Choose the optimal moment to Griddy – after scoring a screamer of a goal or to celebrate a key win. The Griddy is all about hyping up your teammates and the fans, so pick a time when emotions are running high. Wait until your teammates join in for maximum hype and impact.

Stay on beat

Move to the beat of the music playing over the stadium sound system. Most EA FC 24 stadiums play high energy music with a strong beat, ideal for the Griddy. Feel the rhythm and shuffle, swing, and sway in time. Moving in sync with your teammates and the music will make the celebration that much more dynamic.

Expression is key

Put some stank on it! The Griddy is meant to be an expressive, over-the-top celebration. Pump your fists, shout, and cheer as you shuffle. Let your passion and excitement shine through. Make eye contact, point at, and interact with your teammates and the fans. Your enthusiasm and energy will energize everyone watching.

Keep it brief

As fun as the Griddy is, keep the celebration under 10-15 seconds. A quick, powerful burst of energy is more impactful than dragging it on too long. End on a high note to leave the fans wanting more. When the music fades, raise your arms in triumph one last time before getting back to business on the pitch.

Practice, timing, rhythm, expression, and brevity – follow these tips and you’ll be Griddying with the best of them in no time! Show your skills off the next time you hit the back of the net. Your teammates and fans will go wild.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing the Griddy Celebration

When doing the Griddy celebration in EA FC 24, there are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Button Mashing

In the excitement of scoring a goal, it can be easy to frantically mash buttons, accidentally triggering the wrong celebration. Slow down, take a breath, and carefully input the correct button sequence to activate the Griddy. On Xbox, that’s ↑, ↓, ←, →, B, A. On PlayStation, it’s ↑, ↓, ←, →, Circle, X. Rushing the inputs often leads to the default fist pump celebration instead of the Griddy.

Forgetting the Final Move

The Griddy isn’t complete without finishing with your hands crossed and head slightly tilted back. After the initial arm swings and leg kicks, many players forget to hold the final pose for a second, quickly dropping their arms. Take your time and hold the final stance to properly pay homage to the Griddy gods.

Only Doing Half the Moves

In the thrill of the moment, some players only do part of the full sequence of moves, sticking to just the arm swings or leg kicks. But the Griddy requires doing both the upper and lower body parts of the dance to maximize style points. Practice the entire routine before using it in a match so you have the muscle memory to pull it off flawlessly after scoring.

Overusing the Celebration

While the Griddy is endlessly entertaining, overusing any goal celebration can become annoying to your opponent and teammates. Limit using the Griddy to your first goal scored or for particularly impressive goals. Over-celebrating for every single goal, no matter how mundane, comes across as arrogant and disrespectful. Save the Griddy for your most hype moments.

Following these tips will ensure you execute a flawless Griddy celebration and avoid being “that guy” who can’t seem to get it right. Practice the correct sequence, finish strong with the final pose, do the full set of moves, and use the celebration judiciously for maximum impact.


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Keep at it and stay dedicated, you’ll be an EA FC 24 pro in no time. Game on!

Griddy in EA Sports FC 24