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Fortnite Tournaments

Fortnite Tournaments

You love Fortnite and have killer skills, so why not make some money from all those hours of gameplay? Tournament play is where it’s at if you want to earn cash and up your game at the same time. This guide will give you the inside scoop on how to join Fortnite tournaments for money, improve your skills to compete at the highest level, and collect those sweet, sweet bucks. We’ll cover everything from getting started and finding the right tournaments to advanced strategies for scoring wins against the best players out there. Just imagine what you could do with the extra income from dominating Fortnite tournaments. So let’s get started and we’ll turn you into a cold hard cash earning tournament champ in no time!

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Top Fortnite Tournaments to Enter for a Chance to Win Money

Some of the biggest Fortnite tournaments offer serious prize pools, we’re talking millions of dollars. If you’ve got skills, entering these events could earn you some decent cash.

The Fortnite World Cup is the largest tournament, with a $30 million prize pool in 2019. Epic Games hosts the World Cup, with online qualifiers open to all players. The top performers in each region then advance to the World Cup Finals for a shot at becoming Fortnite World Champions.

The FNCS Invitational also has a multi-million dollar prize pool. The Fortnite Champion Series brings together the top performers from Cash Cups and previous FNCS events. Like the World Cup, you need to place well in qualifiers to make it to the FNCS Finals.

DreamHack, ESL, and UMG Gaming frequently organize Fortnite tournaments with $100,000 or more in prizes. These third-party tournaments allow players of all skill levels to compete, so you have a solid chance to win cash. Qualifiers for major events are open to everyone, so enter as many as possible to increase your odds.

With practice and persistence, you can develop the abilities to place well in Fortnite tournaments. Analyze the playstyles of top performers, learn advanced building techniques, coordinate with a strong squad, and make smart strategic decisions. Who knows, with some victories under your belt, you could find yourself competing on one of Fortnite’s biggest stages. Stay dedicated, the rewards are real.

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Rules and Eligibility for Paid Fortnite Tournaments

To compete in paid Fortnite tournaments, there are a few rules and requirements you’ll need to meet. The good news is, most players will qualify!

  • You must have a Fortnite account in good standing and be at least 13 years old. Some events have higher age minimums, so check the details for your specific tournament.
  • Your Fortnite account cannot be banned or suspended from events. Play nice!
  • You’ll need access to a compatible device like a PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, or mobile device and a stable internet connection.
  • Buy-in fees are typically low, around $5 to $20. Some are even free to enter! The prize pools, however, can be quite substantial.
  • Each tournament will have its own set of rules regarding game modes, point systems, kill points, placement points, and more. Read through all the rules carefully before competing to avoid being disqualified.

Provided you meet the basic criteria, anyone has a shot at winning big in a Fortnite tournament. Regular players, amateurs and pros alike, all compete for those juicy prize pools. With some practice, strategy, and luck, you could find yourself at the top of the leaderboards and win a share of the cash and prizes.

So gear up, study the rules, pay your buy-in fee if there is one, and get ready to battle it out against other players for glory and money! There are few thrills in gaming quite like competing in an esports tournament.

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Tips for Competing in Cash Prize Fortnite Tournaments

Competing in Fortnite tournaments for money requires skill, strategy, and patience. Here are some tips to help you win cash prizes:

Focus on placement, not just eliminations. While eliminations do earn you points, consistently placing high in matches will rack up even more points and increase your odds of winning. Hide when needed, pick your battles carefully.

Use natural cover and the storm to your advantage. Build forts or take over existing structures, hide in bushes, crouch behind rocks and trees. Let other players battle it out, then take on the weakened winner. Ride the storm edge to sneak up on players focused on outrunning the storm.

Choose a drop spot away from the bus path. Dropping into a named location right under the bus path means lots of competition for weapons and resources. Drop somewhere on the outskirts, gear up, then make your way into the circle. You’ll have a better chance of surviving the early game.

Save your materials and ammo. Only build when necessary, don’t just build for the sake of building. And be selective with your shots—only take shots you know you can hit. Conserve materials and ammo for end game when you’ll need them most.

Play aggressively in the final circles. Once you’ve made it to the top 10 or 15 players, switch from defensive to offensive. Start actively hunting other players, build forts and ramps to gain the high ground advantage. The more eliminations you get in the end game, the more points you’ll earn towards that victory royale!

Practice your building and editing. Fast, strategic building and editing skills are essential for end game play. Practice building forts, ramps, and editing existing structures. The faster and more efficiently you can build and edit, the better your chances of outplaying your opponents.

Stay up to date with updates and the current meta. Epic frequently releases updates that change weapons, items, and gameplay. Stay on top of the latest updates and adapt to the current “meta” of gameplay to maintain your competitive edge.

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Select Duelmasters to Play for Cash in Fortnite Tournaments

So you want to put your Fortnite skills to the test and win some real money? Look no further than Duelmasters. They host game tournaments where you can compete for cash prizes.

Duelmasters is a trusted Fortnite tournaments website for skill-based video game tournaments. They provide anti-cheat protection and an easy match finder so you can duel other players for money in Fortnite. You’ll face off against opponents of similar skill to make it a fair fight.

Enter Tournaments for a Chance at the Prize Pool

Duelmasters have cash prizes for the top finishers. The prize pool depends on the number of entrants and entry fees. The more players that join, the bigger the potential payout! Often the 1st place winner can take home $100-$500 or more.

Play Duels and Wager on Yourself

If tournaments aren’t your style, you can play 1v1 or 2v2 Duels against other players for money. Set your own stakes and wager on yourself to win. Duels are a great way to practice and earn cash with fewer opponents. You can find Duels for all skill levels, from amateur to pro.

  • Start with lower-stakes Duels and work your way up as you gain experience.
  • Be strategic in how much you wager – only bet what you can afford to lose.
  • Watch other Duels to pick up tips and familiarize yourself with the format before diving in.

Whether you enter a tournament or play Duels, Duelmasters provides a platform to put your Fortnite skills on display and earn money. Sign up for an account today and start competing for cash prizes! With practice and persistence, you’ll be raking in the winnings in no time.


So there you have it, the ultimate guide to playing Fortnite tournaments for money! You now have all the knowledge and tips you need to start competing for some serious prizes and cash. Just remember to be strategic in your gameplay, practice hard to hone your skills, have the right gear and setup, and find the tournaments that best fit your ability level and schedule. Who knows, you could be the next big name in competitive Fortnite with the right dedication and mindset. The opportunities are out there if you put in the time and effort. So get out there, build those forts, practice your aim, and start making some money playing the game you love! The sky’s the limit when you know what you’re doing.

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