Duelmasters facilitates skill-based video game duels and tournaments for cash prizes. All major consoles, pc, and mobile devices supported as well as most popular skill-based video games.

We take security very seriously at Duelmasters.io. Our system is protected behind an industrial strength firewall. All of our financial transactions are handled by licensed and secured payment providers like Stripe, MoonPay etc. We use trusted service NOWpayments to facilitate crypto transactions and custody of assets.

No, it’s 100% free

Yes, it’s totally legal and doesn’t need any license because we provide playing matches for cash in skill-based video games, and not games of chance.

Duelmasters.io works as a secured third party for online gamers to set up head-to-head tournaments. Once a tournament has been accepted by both members, money from both accounts is automatically deposited into our secure escrow account. After the online game has been played, the results have been reported and verified by each player, the winner’s account will automatically be credited.

Currently we support skill-based game EA FC 24. Later we plan to add much more games and overall number of titles will exceed 20+.

Duelmasters.io doesn’t charge any fees currently for promotional period. Later we plan to charge up to 7.5% fee per head-to-head match

You should be at least 18 years old.

Second participant of gaming duel should report result too and if there is no any issues with reported results then cash will be credited to your account. If there will be dispute then you should upload proof of your win. It can be screenshot, photo or screen record. Screen record is the most reliable type of proof.


You can credit your account on the Balance page using multiple cyptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. If you don’t own cryptocurrency you can use one of our trusted payment providers like Stripe, Alchemy Pay and Utorg to buy USDC and deposit to your account.

USDC is cryptocurrency 1:1 backed by USD and stored in regulated top USA banks. Polygon/Matic is blockchain infrastructure which handles transactions.

Usually it takes around 5 minutes to be credited to your account after you purchased USDC.

We believe cryptocurrencies make transactions much cheaper and faster than using traditional payment solutions and transfer 5-7%+ fees on user.

It depends on cryptocurrency you choose. If you deposit in USDC using one of our on-ramp providers then minimum deposit is 15$.


You can withdraw in USDC to your bank account using MoonPay or just transfer to your hot/cold wallet or exchange.

In average you will receive your funds in 15-30 minutes after withdrawal.

We use Polygon blockchain.


No, you can only have one account. Additional accounts will be banned.

Cheating / Smurfing / Negative behavior

Whenever we detect a cheater, we instantly ban his account from the website and refund his previous opponents.

Please report the Cheater to us. Our team will look into it and take the respective steps. Please don’t report people for no reason.

We do not allow smurfing. If a player is found guilty of smurfing, we will initiate everything to undo the damages done and ban the player for lifetime.

Any negative behavior like AFK, Cursing, Intentional Losing, can cause punishment and even banning.

Please report the player to us. We will need proof of the negative behavior. If you’re right we’re going to take action. But please don’t report people for no reason.

Account Ban

You were most likely caught cheating or manipulating the skill rating. Please contact our Support Team if you want to dispute the ban.

No, the money will stay in the banned account until the investigation is fully completed. Possible victims will be refunded their losses. Banned accounts that have been found guilty won’t get their money back.

If you can prove that you did not cheat, we can unban your account.