How to Play EA FC 24 Tournaments

On Duelmasters, you can play 1v1 duel challenges for money or experience points (XP), you can also play team-vs-team or grid tournaments with cash prizes if you wish


How to start:

  • 1. Register on platform using method you like
  • 2. Choose any game option that suits you
  • 3. Make a deposit using your credit/debit card or crypto exchange/wallet in any cryptocurrency
  • 4. Find an opponent in the Matchfinder table who matches your skill level and preferred wager amount and click ‘Invite to play’, or create your own match by clicking the ‘Create Game’ button
  • 5. Discuss rules of duel with your opponent in chat
  • 6. Play the match
  • 7. Win and double your money
  • 8. Withdraw money instantly
play easy

The registration process on the Duelmasters Gaming Platform is completely free and grants you access to all site features. These include searching for opponents, creating new games, proposing and accepting game challenges, managing your account balance, withdrawing funds, communicating with other players, and participating in all platform events.

To register, simply click on the Login/Register button located in the upper right corner of the platform or any other button that allows actions available to registered users. Then, with just one click, choose your preferred method of automatic registration from the provided options: Steam, Google, Twitch, or Twitter. By selecting one of these services, you will be automatically redirected to their respective platforms, where you only need to confirm your choice with a single click before being returned to the gaming platform. Alternatively, you can choose to manually register via email using the user-friendly registration form.

Rest assured that our platform prioritizes your security and privacy. We do not receive any personal information from external services, nor do we share your data with any third parties. Additionally, please note that creating multiple accounts (multi-accounting) is strictly prohibited on Duelmasters.

Please choose your nickname responsibly, as it cannot be changed later on.

To access the gaming platform, you can use the same Login/Register button located in the upper right corner of the platform, which you used during the registration process. The procedure for logging in is essentially the same as the registration steps. The only distinction is that upon logging in, you will be directed to your existing account, complete with your game history and saved balance.

Currently, you have the opportunity to play EA FC 24. To engage in 1v1 duel challenges, you can search for opponents using the Matchfinder table and arrange a match upon mutual agreement. In the near future, grid Tournaments with cash prizes will be introduced, along with team-to-team games.

Moreover, you have the option to choose between two game modes: a cash betting mode or an XP-based mode where experience points are awarded for victories (more information about this mode can be found in the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GAMES FOR MONEY AND XP GAMES section).

The Duelmasters gaming platform offers two distinct modes: the money game mode and the XP (experience points) game mode. To switch to the XP mode, simply click the “FREE GAME” button located in the menu on the right.

The purpose of the real money game mode is to cater to players who wish to wager actual money on their skills, providing an opportunity to double their bet upon winning.

The XP mode, on the other hand, serves as a means to familiarize oneself with the platform and its functionalities, as well as to develop skills when feeling uncertain or facing unfamiliar opponents.

Regardless of the chosen mode, both aim to deliver maximum gaming excitement and enjoyment to every player.

In terms of game mechanics and interface, there are generally no significant differences between the modes, except for rare exceptions like the need to replenish the balance.

The central feature of the gaming platform is the Matchfinder table, which provides an overview of all platform users who are currently available to play. This allows you to instantly invite any of them for a game by clicking the “Invite” button next to their nickname.

When selecting an opponent from the table, you can consider the game they have declared (such as Call of Duty MWII, CS:GO/CS2, etc.) as well as the monetary wager they propose based on WinRate. More detailed information about these filters can be found in the THE MEANING OF COLUMNS AND FILTERS FOR FINDING AN OPPONENT IN MATCHFINDER section. Additionally, you can engage in correspondence with any potential opponent by utilizing the Chat button next to their nickname.

Within the player search table, also known as Matchfinder, you’ll find rows representing games created by potential opponents. To invite a player to join a game, simply click the “Invite” button (for more details on the invitation process, refer to the INVITE AS A QUICK WAY FOR INVITING TO PLAY section).

The Matchfinder columns contain valuable information and can be filtered as follows:

    1. WinRate: This column displays the percentage of wins for each player in the selected game (more details about WinRate can be found in the WINRATE VALUE AND OTHER USER INDICATORS FOR CHOOSING AN OPPONENT section). The arrow next to WinRate allows you to sort the values in ascending or descending order.

    2. Game: This column showcases the game that the user is ready to play, represented by recognizable intuitive icons.

    3. Showed games: This feature enables filtering of the table to display specific games by activating switches next to the respective icons (when all filters are on or off, all possible game options are equally visible).

    4. Name: This column presents the nickname under which potential opponents have registered on the platform. Clicking on a nickname allows you to view the player’s profile and all available information (for more details about the player’s profile, see the USER PROFILE PAGE section). Each nickname on the platform is unique.

    5. Bid: The bid column provides information about the potential wager in US dollars that the player is willing to make for the match. During final agreements in the GAME ROOM with a selected opponent (refer to the GAME ROOM section), this bet can be mutually adjusted (for more information about bets, see the WAGER IN THE GAME section). The arrow next to Bid enables sorting in ascending or descending order.

    6. Rate from: This column allows you to filter the table by active rates within a specific range, from $1 up to the desired amount (inclusive). Simply enter the desired amounts in the left and right fields, and the filtering will occur automatically.

    7. Chat: Clicking the chat button in each line enables correspondence with the user through the Messages room integrated into the platform (for more information about chat and correspondence, refer to the MESSAGES – HOW THE CHAT WORKS AND WHY AGREE ON THE RULES OF THE GAME section).

    8. Invite: This button is used to invite a potential opponent to play with you immediately (more details can be found in the INVITE AS A QUICK WAY FOR INVITING TO PLAY section).

    9. In game: This status indicates that the player is currently engaged in a match or is temporarily unavailable (for example, being AFK – more details in the WHEN A PLAYER IS AFK AND TEMPORARILY LEFT THE PLATFORM section). Since a user can create multiple game offers through the “CREATE GAME” button (refer to the CREATE GAME AS THE MAIN WAY TO OFFER TO PLAY section), all their fields in the Matchfinder will display the “In game” status during a match.

    10. Active: By checking this filter, you can display in the Matchfinder only users who are ready to play and have the “Invite” button active.

    11. Icon of people with a number: This icon displays the number of fields in the Matchfinder where the “Invite” button is currently active.

    12. Region: This column allows you to filter the table based on user locations by activating switches next to the region names.

A circle with arrows: Located in the upper right corner above the Matchfinder, clicking this icon updates all the data in the table. If not manually pressed, the table will auto-update every 20 seconds.

To assist you in finding the right opponent, various indicators are displayed for each player:

    1. WinRate: This indicator is shown as the first column in the Matchfinder table for each player. It represents the percentage of wins in a specific game since the player’s registration on Duelmasters. If you see numbers from 0 to 9 instead of a percentage, it means the player has played less than 10 matches in that particular game on the platform. More detailed information about a player’s wins and losses can be found in their profile (refer to the USER PROFILE PAGE section).

    2. DISPUTE%: This indicator is displayed in a player’s profile and represents the percentage of open Disputes initiated by the player out of their total number of games played since registration on the platform. Further information about Disputes can be found in the DISPUTES AND HOW DISPUTABLE SITUATIONS ARE RESOLVED section.

    3. REVIEW: This indicator is also displayed in a player’s profile and shows the percentage of negative reviews received by that player.

    4. REGION: This player information allows you to select an opponent from your region to minimize significant server pings during gameplay.

Coming soon!

The wagering of money is the primary requirement for playing with real money. However, if you prefer not to deposit money, you can play in the FREE GAME mode, which is explained in detail in the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GAMES FOR MONEY AND XP GAMES section.

When playing for money, you place a bet that is proportional to your opponent’s bet. If you win, your bet will be doubled.

All bets are made in US dollars. The amount wagered is deducted from your Balance, while the money you win is added to your Balance (for more information about the Balance, refer to the BALANCE AND HOW TO DEPOSIT IT section). You have the flexibility to withdraw money from your Balance to your bank card or crypto wallet at any time (refer to the HOW TO WITHDRAW YOUR WINNINGS section for detailed instructions).

The minimum bet is $1, and there is essentially no maximum limit on the bet amount.

You can specify your desired bet in the CREATE GAME dashboard. Additionally, when using the Matchfinder table, you can take into account the desired bet of your potential opponent. In the GAME ROOM, prior to the start of the game, the bet can be adjusted through mutual agreement between the players.

In the Matchfinder table, you have the option to select a suitable opponent based on the game type, bet, and other parameters. To invite a player to play with you, simply click on the “Invite” button next to their nickname. Please note that you cannot invite yourself to play.

Upon clicking this button, you will notice a progress indicator, which displays the time required for the potential opponent to confirm their intention to play with you (for more details on confirming an opponent, refer to the ACCEPTING AN OFFER TO PLAY section). If the potential opponent does not respond or declines your invitation within the designated time, the button will become active again, allowing you to send them another invitation or choose a different opponent.

You can activate up to 5 “Invite” buttons simultaneously. The GAME ROOM for pre-match arrangements (detailed information can be found in the GAME ROOM section) is only activated with the opponent who first accepts your invitation, and you will be automatically redirected to the general GAME ROOM. The remaining invitations will be automatically disabled.

The primary method of offering to play on Duelmasters is by creating a game using the button located in the bottom right corner of the “CREATE GAME” screen. Upon clicking this button, a dashboard will appear above it, displaying a list of games currently available on the gaming platform. To make an offer for a game, simply enter the desired bet amount, not less than $1, in the field corresponding to the selected game icon. The bet amount should not exceed the balance in your account (for more information about the balance, refer to the BALANCE AND HOW TO DEPOSIT IT section). If your balance is insufficient for the bet, a service message will be displayed.

You can fill in all the game fields with the desired bets, thereby creating multiple game options in the Matchfinder table. If you close and reopen the bet entry field, all the bets will be saved. To quickly reset them, you can use the “CLEAR” button located above the fields.

Once all the bets are placed, click on the “READY TO PLAY” button, which replaces the “CREATE GAME” button. Your offers to play will appear in the Matchfinder table. You will also see the offers from other players, filtered based on the games you have selected, and you can invite them if you wish. The status “WAITING FOR INVITE” will be displayed.

You must wait until a potential opponent clicks “Invite” in the Matchfinder, and you will receive a message indicating their readiness to play with you. Then, you can either approve the opponent (for more details on approving an opponent, refer to the ACCEPTING AN OFFER TO PLAY section) or decline the invitation. Multiple opponents can invite you simultaneously, allowing you to choose with whom you want to play, but only one at a time.

Your game offer will become inactive if you remain inactive on the platform for an extended period, and it will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. You can also cancel it yourself by clicking on the red cross next to the “WAITING FOR INVITE” label.

Once you have created a game offer using the “CREATE GAME” method and a potential opponent clicks the “Invite” button in your row, you will receive a service pop-up on the website indicating their desire to play with you. This pop-up will display the nickname of the potential opponent, allowing you to visit their profile and gather more information about them (for further details on player profiles, refer to the USER PROFILE PAGE section). The pop-up will also provide buttons to confirm or decline the game. Rejecting the game at this point will have no consequences. However, if you reject five times, your game offer will be canceled, and you will need to create a new one.

If you are not currently active on the site but have not closed the browser tab with Duelmasters, you will notice dynamic changes in the favicon, indicating that you have received an invitation. Simply open the tab to confirm your readiness to play.

If you clicked the “Invite” button, you will need to wait for the opponent to confirm their readiness to play or decline the invitation.

Once you have confirmed your readiness to play, the GAME ROOM will open for you, allowing for final coordination with your opponent before the game begins (for more information on this, refer to the GAME ROOM section).

After one player confirms an “Invite” from another player, the GAME ROOM opens for both opponents. The purpose of this room is to finalize agreements between the players before the match. In the GAME ROOM, you can:

    – View the nickname, avatar (if set), and review all available information about your future opponent (for more details on this information, refer to the section WINRATE VALUE AND OTHER USER INDICATORS FOR CHOOSING AN OPPONENT).
    – Familiarize yourself with the mandatory rules for the upcoming game.
    – Engage in private chat correspondence with your opponent to discuss the game details and agree on optional rules (for more information on chat correspondence features, see the section MESSAGES – HOW THE CHAT WORKS AND WHY AGREE ON THE RULES OF THE GAME).
    – Discuss and agree on the bet amount directly in the GAME ROOM using the BET SETTINGS dashboard, which includes a field for entering a new bet and a “CONFIRM” button.
    – Cancel the game without any consequences by using the “CANCEL” button.
    – Initiate the game by pressing the “START THE GAME” button (once pressed, it is no longer possible to cancel the game without incurring financial losses). After starting the game, you enter the game mode while remaining in the GAME ROOM, where the right dashboard undergoes modifications. The details and actions in the GAME MODE are described extensively in the HOW THE GAME MODE WORKS section.

You can engage in chat conversations on the public user platform, as long as neither you nor the other person has blocked each other. To initiate a chat with someone, you need to locate the person in the Matchfinder table and enable the “Chat” option. A confirmation message will appear, and you simply need to set the “Accept” parameter. This allows you to send messages, regardless of whether the user is active or “In game” on the table.

In addition, you will have a general chat with your future opponent in a shared GAME ROOM, and you can also send messages through the personal account (profile) of any user using the “Write” option.

Furthermore, the chat with your opponent becomes active during a dispute, providing an opportunity for you to resolve the dispute yourselves (for more information on dispute resolution, refer to the DISPUTES AND HOW DISPUTABLE SITUATIONS ARE RESOLVED section).

Your entire message history with all users can be viewed and continued through the MESSAGES menu. Please note that sent messages cannot be deleted, ensuring that all your agreements with the opponent are visible. You cannot send messages to yourself.

In your correspondence, you can send text messages (by pressing enter or the arrow icon next to the input field) or attach small files using the “+” button.

The purpose of correspondence with your future opponent is to agree on optional game rules and address any other matters related to the upcoming game. You can message a user before inviting them to clarify their intention to play. Additionally, you can message players from your message history in MESSAGES to invite them to play again.

During your conversations, you may also encounter automated service messages that are displayed when browsing in a zone (e.g., when you click the “Invite” button).

Engaging in advertising correspondence, discussing non-game-related topics, announcing participants, or engaging in any form of illegal activity through messages is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in bans. If you come across such correspondence, you can report it by using the “Report” option in the offending user’s profile (for more information on profile functionality, refer to the USER PROFILE PAGE section).

Once both you and your opponent click the “START THE GAME” button in the GAME ROOM, the GAME MODE begins. However, if only one player presses the button and the other doesn’t, the game will not proceed, and there will be no consequences for both players.

While playing in the GAME ROOM, a countdown is displayed on the right dashboard, indicating that you have 90 minutes to play. If the game doesn’t take place within this time, the money will be refunded to the players. Each player can only have one active game at a time.

You will also notice a field where you can enter your Steam profile, allowing your opponent to find you on that platform. Similarly, you can view the Steam profile of your opponent if they have provided it (which can be easily copied).

Furthermore, the GAME ROOM provides a recommendation to partially record your game on video. This serves as evidence in case of a dispute (for more information on providing evidence of victory and fair play, refer to the PROOF OF YOUR VICTORY AND FAIR PLAY section).

In the lower right corner of the GAME ROOM, you will find three important buttons that you need to handle responsibly:

    – WIN: You should press this button only if you win. If your opponent also presses the WIN button or the NO MATCH/REPORT button, a dispute will be initiated to resolve the issue (refer to the DISPUTES AND HOW DISPUTABLE SITUATIONS ARE RESOLVED section for more information). During the dispute, you will be required to provide evidence. You can change your decision at any time.
    – LOSE: Use this button only if you have lost the match. Once clicked, the result cannot be changed. If both players press this button or if one player presses LOSE and the other presses NO MATCH/REPORT, the bets will simply be refunded to you.
    – NO MATCH/REPORT: Click this button if the match didn’t take place for some reason or if you need to report the actions of your opponent. If both players click these buttons, the bets will be refunded to you.

It’s important to handle these buttons responsibly and according to the outcome of the game or any issues that may arise.

The Dispute window is opened, and a live support connection is established to objectively resolve any disputes that arise during or after the game within the allocated 90 minutes in the GAME ROOM. The following scenarios may trigger a dispute:

    – Both players press WIN.
    – One player presses WIN while the other presses NO MATCH/REPORT.
    – One player is inactive (AFK) for some reason, and the other player presses WIN or NO MATCH/REPORT.

In the Dispute window, you are required to provide your nickname and include a link to the file archive where the screen or video recording clearly shows that you won the same game. Alternatively, you can use the “START RECORDING” button on your phone to capture online evidence.

Within the Dispute window, you can also initiate a chat with your opponent to discuss any questions related to your victory. The support team takes into account the correspondence in the chat when making a decision.

If you change your mind, you can click the “I WANT TO CHANGE MY DECISION AND ADMIT THAT I LOST” button. However, it’s important not to abuse decision changes and consider your reputation on the platform, which is reflected in your DISPUTE % and REVIEW.

To submit evidence of your victory, you need to click on the “I PROVIDED ALL THE EVIDENCE OF MY VICTORY” button within the Dispute window.

Based on an independent review of your situation, a decision will be made regarding the outcome of the game, including the determination of a victory or defeat. Additionally, a decision on a refund may be reached. While the decision is being made, you still have the opportunity to continue playing. If you disagree with the decision made by the independent support, you have the option to file an appeal (refer to the WRITE TO US section for more information).

Coming soon!

If a player leaves the platform and closes the tab without having an ongoing game, all their other activities on the platform will automatically cease. However, if the player leaves without closing the tab and remains inactive (not performing any actions), a pop-up notification will appear after 30 minutes, indicating that they are AFK (Away From Keyboard), and all their activities on the platform will be frozen.

While a player is in GAME MODE, they are unable to access other functionalities of the platform until the game is completed by pressing one of the three buttons in the GAME ROOM that determine the result of the match (refer to the HOW THE GAME MODE WORKS section for more details). However, if a user remains in GAME MODE but fails to start playing due to being AFK or any other reason, their opponent can click the “NO MATCH REPORT” button at any time to report this, allowing them to continue using the platform freely. If the second player fails to show up within the allotted 90 minutes, the money will be refunded to the users. If the second player does appear and presses one of the buttons within the allocated 90 minutes, the following consequences will occur:

    – Pressing the “Lose” button indicates that the player has given up, resulting in a win for you.
    – Pressing either the WIN or NO MATCH/REPORT buttons will initiate a Dispute (refer to the DISPUTES AND HOW DISPUTABLE SITUATIONS ARE RESOLVED section for more information), where the player will need to prove that they were not AFK.

Coming soon!

By clicking on the nickname of any user on the platform, including your own, you will access your personal account with the profile of that user. In the profile, you will find the following information and be able to perform certain actions:

    – View the user’s avatar, nickname, and their online or offline status.
    – See indicators such as DISPUTE %, REVIEW, and REGION (more details about user indicators can be found in the WINRATE VALUE AND OTHER USER INDICATORS FOR CHOOSING AN OPPONENT section).
    – Click the “Write” button to send a personal message to the user.
    – Click the “Report” button to report the user using the provided text field and then click “SEND”.
    – Click the “Block” button to block the user, preventing them from sending you messages or game invitations.
    – View the number of wins and losses of the user in the context of all the games available on the platform (scrollable feed), and directly invite them to play from their profile.
    – Read comments left by other users about the player in their profile.

Within your personal profile account, you have additional options:

    – Add or change your avatar.
    – Use the “SHARE PROFILE” button to copy a link to your profile, which is convenient for inviting specific players to join you.
    – Clicking on “HISTORY” allows you to view the history of your games (you can also file an appeal there).
    – Avoid pressing the “ACCOUNT DELETE” button at all costs, as it will permanently delete your Duelmasters account along with all your data.

If you suspect cheating, harassment, interference with your gaming experience, inappropriate or illegal offers, or any other behavior that you find unworthy or offensive, you have the option to report any user on this gaming platform.

To file a complaint, you can choose from the following options:

    1. Visit the player’s profile and click on the “REPORT” button to submit a complaint to the support team.
    2. In the game mode, initiate a Dispute where you can outline your grievances against the player (refer to the DISPUTES AND HOW DISPUTABLE SITUATIONS ARE RESOLVED section for more details on this method).
    3. Leave a negative comment about an unscrupulous player after the game. It is important to ensure that your comment is justified and does not contain any insults. Failure to comply with this may result in the support team restricting your ability to comment in the future.
    4. Alternatively, you can reach out to us through the communication channels provided in the “Contact Us” section.

In addition to filing complaints about other players (the process of filing complaints is described in more detail in the REPORT A TROUBLEMAKER USER section), you have various communication channels through which you can reach out to us. We are here to respond and address your inquiries:

    1. Contact Us: You can find this option in the top menu or footer. By clicking on this button, you will be directed to the corresponding page where you can leave us a message. The feedback form includes two optional fields: NAME (you can choose to provide your name or send an anonymous message) and EMAIL (fill this field only if you wish to receive a personal response). Additionally, there are three required fields: SELECT YOUR WISHES, where you need to select the nature of your question from the dropdown list, a message field (with a minimum requirement of 5 characters), and a captcha.

    2. Appeal: If you wish to challenge any decision made by our support team, you can submit an appeal. Simply click on the “APPEAL” button next to the respective game in your game history and follow the intuitive steps provided, including providing a detailed description.

    3. Floating Chat Button: On the main page, you will find a floating chat button that allows you to quickly reach out to us with any questions you may have.

    4. Messages in Matchfinder: Within Matchfinder, there is a dedicated chat feature with our support team. This can be used when you need immediate assistance in resolving a game-related issue.

    5. Career: Located in the footer, this option is designed for submitting a resume if you are interested in joining our team.

    6. Discord: By clicking on the corresponding icon in the footer, you can access our moderated server on Discord. There, you can leave any appropriate message or inquiry.

Feel free to utilize any of these channels to contact us, and we will be prompt in responding to your concerns.