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EA FC 24 Skill Moves: A Complete Guide

EA FC 24 Skill Moves

You finally got your hands on the new EA Sports FC 24. Time to take your virtual player to the next level with some slick skills. If you want to dazzle your friends with fancy footwork or just embarrass your online opponent, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will teach you all 24 skill moves so you can swerve, spin and nutmeg your way to glory. Some of these tricks take serious practice to master, but start with the basics like the Stepover or Fake Shot and you’ll be smoking defenders in no time. Work your way up to the jaw-dropping Rainbow Flick or Tornado Spin for maximum highlight reel action.

Whether you prefer to play as a 5-star skill striker or just want an edge over the competition, these skill moves are essential tools for any player. So lace up those virtual boots, grab some snacks, and get ready to become an expert in the art of skill. The pitch is calling – let’s see what you’ve got!

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Introduction to Skill Moves in EA FC 24

In EA FC 24, skill moves are an essential part of gameplay. They allow you to beat defenders, create space, and pull off amazing plays. To get started, here are some of the basic skill moves and how to perform them.

The ball roll is one of the simplest but most effective moves. To perform a ball roll, hold the right stick left or right as your player runs. This rolls the ball in that direction, allowing you to swiftly change direction and beat a defender.

For a quick burst of speed, use the sprint boost. Simply tap the sprint trigger twice in quick succession. Your player will accelerate rapidly, gaining a speed advantage.

To get past a defender, try the body feint. While sprinting, hold the left trigger and flick the right stick left or right. Your player will feint in that direction, tricking the defender into moving one way while you exit the other.

Skill moves take practice, but start with these essentials. Run through the training arena to test them out, then unleash your new skills on the pitch. With time, you’ll be chaining multiple moves together and embarrassing defenders in no time!

Skill moves open up EA FC 24’s gameplay, allowing you endless possibilities to create scoring chances and highlight reel moments. Practice and have fun with them!

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List of All Skill Moves in EA FC 24

To dominate on the pitch in EA FC 24, you’ll need to master the skill moves. Here’s the complete list of moves and how to execute them:

Rainbow Flick

The Rainbow Flick is a flashy move to get past defenders. To perform it, hold L2 and flick the right stick up then down. Time it just as a defender approaches to rainbow the ball over their head.


The Stepover is a simple but effective sidestepping move. Hold L2 and tap the right stick left or right to perform a Stepover in that direction. Chain multiple Stepovers together to fake out your opponent.


The Roulette is a spin move that turns a defender inside out. Hold L2 and rotate the right stick 360 degrees to perform a full Roulette spin. Release the sticks just before your player faces the goal to exit the spin and burst forward.

Ball Roll

The Ball Roll is a close control dribbling move. Hold L2 and tap the right stick left or right to Roll the ball across your body in that direction. Use quick taps to Roll the ball multiple times, or hold the stick longer to Roll it farther.

Heel Flick

The Heel Flick pops the ball up behind you. Hold L2 and flick the right stick down then up to flick the ball up with your heel. As the ball drops, tap sprint to knock it forward and speed past the defender.

With practice, these skill moves will become second nature. Now get out on that pitch, beat some defenders and score some screamers! Dominate the opposition with style using the skill moves in EA FC 24.

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How to Perform the Top 10 Skill Moves in EA FC 24

To dominate the pitch in EA FC 24, you’ll need to master the skill moves that unlock your players’ full potential. The top 10 moves are essential tools for creating scoring chances and wowing the crowd.

Rainbow Flick (RS←→↑)

Flick the right stick left, then right, then up to flick the ball over the defender’s head. Time it just as your player receives the ball to create space for a cross or shot.

Heel Flick (RS↓↑)

Flick the right stick down, then quickly up to flick the ball with your player’s heel, sending it up and over the defender. Use while dribbling at speed to beat the last man.

Ball Roll (RS← or →)

Flick the right stick left or right to roll the ball in that direction with the sole of your player’s foot, helping you evade tackles or create a better angle to pass or shoot.

Step Overs (RS↑↓↑ or ↑↑↓)

Flick the right stick up, down, up or up, up, down to perform step overs, feinting in one direction then exiting in the other. Use when dribbling to freeze defenders or create space for a cross or shot.

Drag Back (RS↓→ or ↓←)

Hold the left trigger and flick the right stick down, then right or left to knock the ball behind your player with their heel. Quickly turn to evade pressure or switch the field.

Fake Pass (X+A, RS flick direction)

Press and hold X+A to power up a pass, then flick the right stick in any direction to fake the pass and turn with the ball. Defenders will dive in to intercept, leaving you open to dribble or truly pass.

The remaining top moves—the Scoop Turn, Rabona Fake, Elastico, McGeady Spin, and Bolasie Flick—are equally effective for dominating in the final third. Practice the timing and combinations of these moves to become a true EA FC 24 skills master.

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Tips for Mastering Skill Moves in EA FC 24

Once you’ve learned the basic controls and techniques in EA FC 24, it’s time to start practicing advanced skill moves. Mastering these moves will allow you to embarrass defenders and pull off amazing plays. Here are some tips to help you become a skill move expert:

Practice the skill games

The skill games in EA FC 24 are the best way to learn new moves in a low-pressure environment. Start with the basic dribbling skill game to get a feel for how skill moves work. Then move on to the advanced dribbling and skill challenges to practice more complex techniques. Repeat these games regularly to commit the moves to memory.

Focus on one move at a time

Don’t try to learn every skill move at once. Choose one move, like the heel flick or rainbow flick, and practice it repeatedly in the arena and skill games. Once you’ve mastered it, move on to the next skill. Start with the easiest, most versatile moves before progressing to more advanced ones.

Use skill moves in Seasons and FUT

The only way to truly own a skill move is to use it in live matches. Try using the move you’ve been practicing in Seasons, FUT Division Rivals, or Squad Battles. At first, you’ll likely mess up the timing or execution, but keep at it. With regular use in competitive play, the move will become second nature.

Combine moves for style

As you get comfortable with multiple skill moves, try chaining them together for a stylish combo. For example, execute a heel-to-heel flick followed immediately by a rainbow flick. Or, perform a step over and exit with a scoop turn. Endless combinations are possible – get creative!

Pulling off skill moves at the right time can be extremely satisfying. With diligent practice of these tips, you’ll be performing amazing tricks and dominating the pitch in no time. Keep working at it, and before you know it, skill moves in EA FC 24 will be completely instinctual.

Using Skill Moves Effectively in EA FC 24 to Beat Opponents

To effectively use skill moves in EA FC 24 and get past your opponent’s defense, timing and execution are key.

Choose your moments

Don’t just spam skill moves whenever you get the ball. Carefully choose when to execute a move based on your position on the pitch and the position of defenders around you. The best time is often when you have a bit of space, like when you first receive a pass or in the middle of the pitch.

Master the controls

Practice the controls for various skill moves in the arena and skill games. Get a feel for how long each trick takes to perform and the direction you need to push the right analog stick. Some of the most useful moves are ball rolls, drag backs, heel-to-heel flicks and roulettes. These are easier to pull off but still effective.

Mix up your moves

If you continuously do the same skill move, your opponent will quickly catch on and know how to defend against it. Switch between different types of tricks to keep the other player guessing. For example, do a ball roll one time, then next try a heel-to-heel flick. The more you diversify, the harder you’ll be to predict.

Look for an opening

Only execute a skill move if there’s space for you to burst into after you’ve beaten your marker. Scan the pitch quickly to find the best option to aim for, whether it’s down the wing, into the box or through on goal. Then instantly accelerate once the move is complete to take advantage of your newfound space.

With practice, you’ll get better at skill moves and using them effectively to create chances and beat opponents. But don’t rely completely on tricks— smart passing, dribbling and team play are also key to becoming a great EA FC 24 player. Use skill moves sparingly and at just the right moments to become truly unstoppable.


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EA Sports FC 24 Skill Moves