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How Big is Fortnite

How Big is Fortnite

Hey there, fellow gamer! If you’re like most Fortnite fans, you’re probably wondering just how massive the install size for the game is these days. With all the updates, new maps, skins, emotes and more that get added over time, it’s no surprise that storage space can start feeling tight for one of the biggest games out there. Well, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief and make some room on that hard drive, because this guide has all the latest intel on Fortnite’s download and storage needs for 2024. We’ll break it all down by platform so you know exactly what to expect whether you game on PC, console or mobile. Sit back and relax as we dive into the nitty gritty of Fortnite’s ever-expanding install footprint!

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Introduction to Fortnite File Sizes

Fortnite has come a long way since its initial launch in 2017. The base game and its updates have grown tremendously over the years, and so have the file sizes. In 2024, here’s what you can expect the major Fortnite game modes to take up on your PC:

Battle Royale

Fortnite’s most popular game mode, Battle Royale, currently clocks in around 15-20 GB for just the base game. With frequent updates adding new skins, emotes, and gameplay changes, you’ll want to allocate at least 25-30 GB of space for Battle Royale and all its content updates.

Save the World

Fortnite’s original co-op campaign, Save the World, takes up significantly less space at 10-15 GB. Since Epic Games shifts most of their focus to Battle Royale, Save the World receives updates at a slower pace. Still, we recommend reserving at least 20 GB for Save the World and any additional content.

Creative Mode

Fortnite’s sandbox Creative Mode gives players freedom to build whatever they can imagine. The base Creative Mode comes in around 5 GB, but the storage required can vary wildly depending on what player-created maps and modes you have downloaded. Expect to set aside at least 10-15 GB for a modest Creative Mode library.

With all three major game modes and additional content updates, you’ll want to allocate 60-75 GB of hard drive space for the full Fortnite experience in 2024. While that may seem like a lot, the endless hours of entertainment Fortnite provides makes the storage requirement worthwhile for any battle royale and building game fan. Clear some hard drive space and drop into the action!

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Breakdown of Fortnite Download Size by Platform

If you’re looking to jump into the world of Fortnite, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the game. But how big is Fortnite and how much space will it take up on your PC or console? Here’s a breakdown of the Fortnite download sizes by platform in 2024:

PC (Windows)

The Fortnite download size for PC is around 22-25 GB, depending on your settings. The initial download will be on the smaller end of that range, but updates can increase the total size over time. For the best graphics, you’ll want at least 4GB of dedicated video RAM and a solid processor.


Fortnite for Mac takes up a similar amount of space as the PC version, around 22-25 GB total. You’ll need at least a mid-2010 Mac Pro with an Intel HD 4000 to run the game smoothly.

PlayStation 4

On PS4, the Fortnite download size comes in around 33-38 GB. The PS4 Pro will provide the best performance for Fortnite with faster load times and better resolution.

Xbox One

Fortnite on Xbox One requires between 33 to 38 GB of storage space for the full download. An Xbox One X will give you the highest quality Fortnite experience on Xbox with 4K resolution and HDR imaging.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Fortnite download size is on the smaller end at around 22-25 GB. Performance and graphics won’t match the other platforms, but you gain the flexibility of gaming on the go.

With cross-platform play and progression on all platforms, you can start your Fortnite adventure wherever is most convenient for you. Then pick up where you left off on any device. Just make sure you have enough storage space – Fortnite may be free to play, but it still takes up a good chunk of hard drive real estate!

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What’s Included in the Fortnite Install?

When you download Fortnite, you’ll get the full Battle Royale experience, including the core map, weapons, and gameplay modes. Regular updates will add new seasonal content like map changes, weapons, vehicles and game modes to keep things fresh.

The Island Map

The Fortnite island map is huge, spanning many square miles with 13 named locations and points of interest. There are dense forests, abandoned farms, a desert, and snowy mountains to explore. Epic Games frequently makes changes to the map, adding or removing locations and updating the landscape.

Weapons and Gear

Fortnite offers a wide range of weapons, traps, and gear to find and use. You’ll start each match with nothing but your pickaxe, so you’ll need to scavenge for guns like assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and grenades. You can also find healing items, armor, and materials to build structures. New weapons and items are added regularly to change up gameplay.

Game Modes

The most popular game mode is Battle Royale, where 100 players fight to be the last one standing. Fortnite also features limited-time modes like Team Rumble, Food Fight, and 50v50 that provide a different experience. There are also Creative and Playground modes to build and practice. Epic Games is always developing new temporary game modes to keep players engaged.

Seasonal Content

Each new Fortnite season brings major changes to the game. This includes an evolving story and theme, map changes, new weapons and gear, unique challenges, rewards, and the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass lets you unlock over 100 exclusive rewards by completing challenges and leveling up during the season. Seasons typically last 2-3 months before the next major update.

Keeping up with all the new content in Fortnite can seem overwhelming, but that constant evolution is what keeps millions of players coming back each season. The huge install size is a small price to pay for such an epic gaming experience that’s always fresh.

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Tips for Reducing Your Fortnite File Size

Uninstall Unused Game Modes

Fortnite offers lots of different game modes, like Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. If you only play one or two of these modes, uninstall the others to free up space. In the Epic Games Launcher, go to the Library tab, click the settings cog next to Fortnite, select ‘Options,’ then choose which game modes you want to keep installed. The unused ones will uninstall automatically.

Clear Your Cache

Fortnite stores temporary files and data in your cache to help the game run more smoothly. But over time, this cache can get pretty big. You should clear your Fortnite cache regularly to free up space. In the Epic Games Launcher, go to Settings, click ‘Manage Games,’ select Fortnite, then click the ‘Browse’ button next to the Fortnite folder. Delete everything in the ‘FortniteGame’ folder except for the ‘Content’ and ‘FortniteGame’ folders themselves. This will clear your cache without affecting your game data.

Uninstall the 4K Texture Pack

If you have a 4K monitor, Fortnite offers an optional high-resolution texture pack for the best visuals. But this pack takes up a ton of space — over 60GB. If 4K graphics aren’t that important to you, uninstall the texture pack. In the Epic Games Launcher, go to Settings, click ‘Manage Games,’ select Fortnite, then click ‘Options.’ Uncheck the box next to ‘4K Texture Pack’ and it will uninstall, freeing up a lot of space.

Stop Recording Replays

Fortnite automatically records replays of your matches so you can rewatch them later. But these replays take up storage space on your PC. You can disable replay recording in the settings to stop saving new replays and delete your existing ones. In Fortnite’s settings menu, go to the ‘Game’ tab and turn off ‘Record Replays.’ Then delete your existing replays from the ‘Career’ tab to free up more space.

By following these tips, you can significantly reduce the file size of Fortnite on your PC and free up more room for new updates and your other favorite games. Let the battle royale continue!

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Fortnite Size FAQs: Answering All Your Download Questions

How big is Fortnite to download?

The size of Fortnite depends on which device and game mode you want to play. The Battle Royale mode, which is the popular free-to-play version, requires about 22-25 GB of storage space for the initial download on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Save the World co-op mode requires an additional 3-5 GB. These sizes can increase with updates over time. Mobile versions of Fortnite, for both Android and iOS, have smaller download sizes of around 2-3 GB to start since they have lower quality graphics. But additional data will be downloaded as you play to improve the visuals.

How can I reduce the Fortnite download size?

If storage space is limited on your device, there are a few ways to decrease the Fortnite download size:

  • Choose Battle Royale only – Skip downloading the Save the World mode which requires extra space.
  • Select lower quality textures – On PC, you can choose lower resolution textures which use less VRAM and storage.
  • Uninstall language packs – By default, Fortnite downloads with multiple language options which take up space. Remove any languages you don’t need. •Clear cache and logs – Fortnite stores cache, logs and other temp files that can be deleted to free up gigabytes of space. You may need to do this regularly.

How long does it take to download Fortnite?

The time it takes to download Fortnite depends on your internet connection speed, the size of the initial download for your device, and any updates required. On a fast broadband connection, the 22-25 GB Battle Royale mode can take:

  • PC: 1 to 3 hours
  • PS4/Xbox One: 3 to 6 hours
  • Mobile (Android/iOS): 30 to 60 minutes

Slower internet connections will obviously take longer. And if there are any major updates, the time can increase significantly. The best option is to start the download overnight or when you have time so it can complete uninterrupted.

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So there you have it, the download sizes for Fortnite in 2024. From massive install sizes to frequent updates, it’s a chunky game. But with the hours of entertainment it provides, it’s worth clearing space on your hard drive. Just be ready for lengthy downloads, and have patience – the updates really improve gameplay. At the end of the day, file size doesn’t matter if you’re having fun. Now get out there, download the latest version, and start building! See you on the island.

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