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Fall Guys Guide: Reach the Finish Line With Pro Tips

Fall Guys Guide

You just downloaded Fall Guys and you’re pumped to start playing. But wait – you quickly realize this wacky battle royale game is tougher than it looks. Those physics-based obstacles keep sending you tumbling into slime. You want to snag your first win, but you’re struggling to even reach the finish line. Don’t worry! We’ve got pro tips to help you overcome tricky rounds like Slime Climb and master finals like Fall Mountain. With our guide, you’ll go from bumbling bean to seasoned pro. We’ll cover strategies for team games, the best customization items to unlock, and even hidden shortcuts on courses. Get ready to grab crowns as you finally cross the line thanks to these pro Fall Guys tips. Now let’s dive in!

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Fall Guys Beginner Tips: How to Get Started

Your first rounds of Fall Guys can be challenging when you’re learning the ropes. Here are some tips to help you reach the finish line.

Choose Your Costume Wisely

The costumes in Fall Guys come with different attributes that can help or hinder your game play. For beginners, opt for a costume with average weight and height – you’ll have an easier time navigating obstacles. Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with different attributes.

Learn the Levels

Fall Guys has many different levels, each with its own obstacles and pitfalls. Play through each level a few times to learn the layout, shortcut paths, and potential traps. Know which doors or tunnels lead to dead ends in Door Dash. Memorize the pattern of moving platforms in Slime Climb. This knowledge will give you a leg up on the competition.

Use the Practice Mode

If you want to get familiar with a level before the pressure is on, use the practice mode. You’ll have free reign to explore the entire level, try out different paths, and learn how to overcome obstacles. Take your time – the more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel when it’s game time.

With regular play, you’ll get the hang of navigating levels, avoiding traps, and claiming victory. But for now, choose a kind costume, learn those levels inside and out, and practice to your heart’s content. Fall Guys mastery, here you come!

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Mastering Movement and Controls

To make it to the finish line in Fall Guys, you’ll need to get a handle on how your little bean moves and interacts with the world. Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be zipping past obstacles in no time.


Your bean can walk, run, jump, dive, and climb. To run faster, hold down the sprint button. Save your stamina for when you really need the speed boost, though. – Double tap the jump button to dive and slide under barriers or to get extra distance after jumping off a platform. – Climb up walls or nets by simply running into them. Your bean will automatically grab on and start climbing.

Camera Control

The camera in Fall Guys can sometimes work against you, so practice spinning it around quickly. – Use the right stick to rotate the camera and look at your surroundings. Get in the habit of frequently checking what’s ahead of and behind you. – For obstacles that require precise jumps or timing, rotate the camera to get a side view of the platform. This makes distances and heights much easier to judge.

With regular play, controlling your bean and camera will become second nature. But take the time to thoroughly explore how each works – it’ll pay off big time when the pressure’s on and you need to react quickly. Keep at it, and you’ll be crossing the finish line in style!

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Winning Strategies for Each Round

Staying Alive

The key to making it to the end is surviving each round. For races, stick to the middle of the pack to avoid getting knocked off the course. For team games, work together with your squad to overcome obstacles. For survival rounds, keep moving and jumping to dodge eliminations. Stay alert for any danger signs like rising slime, closing doors or moving platforms. Think fast and react quickly to stay in the game.

Perfect Your Technique

Practice the specific skills needed for each type of round. For races, work on your jumping, diving and recovery. For team games, focus on communication, cooperation and swift decision making with your teammates. For survival rounds, master the art of rapid dodging, jumping and changing direction on a dime. The more you play, the better you’ll get at navigating each challenge.

Play Offense and Defense

In team games, play both offense and defense. Work with your team to grab as many points or complete as many objectives as possible. But also block the other teams from scoring against you. For example, in Hoarders, defend your team’s balls while trying to steal balls from the other teams. In Egg Scramble, protect your team’s nest while raiding other nests. The team that can do both will be victorious.

Following these tips won’t guarantee you a crown, but it will greatly increase your chances of making it over the finish line. Keep at it and someday you’ll be the Fall Guy!

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Pro Tips to Qualify More Rounds

To increase your chances of qualifying to the next round, use these pro tips:

Master the Controls

The controls in Fall Guys are simple but take practice to master. Get comfortable moving with the left stick, jumping and grabbing with the shoulder buttons, and diving with the right stick. The more you play, the more intuitive the controls will become.

Learn the Levels

Each level has its own obstacles and challenges to overcome. Study the levels to learn the patterns and routes that give you the best chance of qualifying. Look for shortcuts and strategies other players are using. With experience, you’ll get better at anticipating what’s coming up next.

Use Your Beans

Your bean has some useful moves to help you navigate the levels. Practice diving, jumping over low walls, and grabbing onto ledges to hoist yourself up. Learn how to grab other players to get ahead, or to save yourself from falling into the slime! Grabbing ledges at the last second and scrambling to climb up can be the difference between qualifying and getting eliminated.

Play as a Team

Even though Fall Guys is a competition, teaming up with other beans can improve your chances. Help each other navigate obstacles, grab onto one another to climb higher platforms, and work together to eliminate other opponents. Betraying your temporary teammates too early means you’re only hurting your own chances of qualifying too!

With regular play, these pro tips will become second nature and increase your qualification rate. Practice makes perfect, and experience is the best teacher in Fall Guys. Keep at it, learn from your mistakes, help your fellow beans, and you’ll be grabbing crowns in no time!

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How to Win Your First Crown: The Ultimate Fall Guys Guide

So you want to take home your first crown in Fall Guys? It’s challenging, but with some practice and patience, you can master the obstacles and emerge victorious. Here are some tips to help you reach the finish line.

Focus on Survival, Not Winning

Don’t get too caught up trying to win right away. Focus on learning the levels and staying on your feet. The more you play, the more you’ll get familiar with the obstacles and find ways to get through them. Pay attention to other players who seem to breeze through parts you struggle with. Try following them to pick up techniques.

Team Up When You Can

Although Fall Guys is primarily an individual competition, there are ways to work together. In team games, cooperate with the other players wearing your team’s color to get the win. You’ll all earn points to advance. Even in individual rounds, you can team up temporarily with other players to help each other over walls or through tricky areas. Just be ready to go your separate ways when the opportunity arises!

Master the Controls

The controls in Fall Guys are simple but take practice to master. Focus on learning how to grab, dive, and navigate with precision. Grabbing objects or other players at the right time is key to overcoming many obstacles. Diving allows you to quickly slide under barriers or tumble down slopes. And the better you get at steering your jelly bean around the courses, the more you’ll be able to react quickly to whatever the level throws at you.

With regular play, close attention to technique, and a willingness to team up when it suits you, you’ll build your skills and soon be diving, tumbling, and grabbing your way to your first victory. Stay on your feet, keep trying, and don’t get discouraged—your crown is waiting at the finish line!

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Master Your Skills: Fall Guys Tournaments on Duelmasters

To reach the finish line in Fall Guys tournaments on Duelmasters, you need to hone your skills. The top players win over 70% of the time, and it’s not just because they’re lucky. They’ve practiced.

Master the Fundamentals

Learn the basic controls, camera angles, and physics of each level. Knowing how your bean will react to bumping into objects or other beans is key. Study the patterns of moving parts like conveyor belts to avoid getting tossed into the slime. Familiarity with the levels will make you faster and less likely to make a silly mistake.

Develop Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve got the basics down, work on more complex skills like quickly scaling walls, diving and grabbing ledges to pull yourself up, and navigating narrow beams. Figure out shortcuts and hacks to get ahead of the pack. The pros are constantly discovering new ways to shave seconds off their time.

Play as a Team

The team rounds in Fall Guys require cooperation to qualify. Work with your squad mates instead of competing against them. Learn how to signal where your team should go next or spot paths that avoid congestion. Protect each other from threats like the spinning hammers. Teamwork and communication are what separate the winners from the losers.

Practice Consistently

Keep playing, especially the rounds you struggle with. Repetition is key. Over time, courses that once seemed chaotic will become second nature. You’ll start noticing patterns in how other players behave and the best ways to counter them. Muscle memory will kick in, allowing you to react instantly without thinking. Consistent practice is what turns good players into great ones.

With diligent practice of essential skills, teamwork, communication, and repetition, you’ll be crossing the finish line in first place at Duelmasters tournaments before you know it. The cash prizes will be yours for the taking!

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And there you have it – the ultimate collection of pro tips for dominating Fall Guys. From mastering the chaotic physics to learning each course inside and out, these strategies will transform you from a bumbling bean to a crown-grabbing champion. Just remember, it’s all about having fun too. Don’t get so caught up in the competition that you forget to laugh at the delightful chaos. Keep practicing, try new techniques, and enjoy the hilarious hijinks. With dedication and our pro advice, that coveted crown will be yours in no time. Now get out there, dive into the chaos, and let the epic bean battles begin!

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