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EA FC 24 Playstyle Mastery: A How-to Guide to Becoming a Legend

EA FC 24 Playstyle Mastery

So, you want to become a legend in EA FC 24, huh? You’re tired of getting schooled online by players with way more wins and way more skill. You’ve come to the right place. This guide is going to show you how to master some of the most effective playstyles in the game so you can start racking up wins and making a name for yourself. The skills and techniques in this guide have been tested and proven by some of the top players in the world. If you dedicate the time to practice, you’ll be juking defenders, bending in screamers from 30 yards out, and celebrating in front of the opposition’s ultras in no time. The best part is, once you’ve mastered these playstyles, you can start customizing them and developing your own unique style. Before you know it, other players will be trying to emulate you. So get ready to take your game to the next level! The journey to becoming an EA FC legend starts now.

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Understanding Playstyles in EA FC 24

To excel at EA FC 24, you need to understand the different playstyles and how to utilize them. The playstyle you choose determines your players’ attributes, skills, and traits – which ultimately decides how your team performs on the pitch.

The Possession playstyle focuses on ball control and passing. Players have high dribbling, ball control, and short passing attributes with traits like “Playmaker” and “Ball Playing Defender”. Teams that adopt this playstyle dominate possession and break down opponents with precise passing and movement.

Long Ball playstyle relies on direct passes and crosses to quickly move the ball into advanced positions. Players have strong attributes in crossing, heading, finishing and physicality with traits such as “Target Man” and “Route One Football”. Teams deploy a direct style of attack to bypass the midfield and create scoring chances.

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The Pressing playstyle utilizes high-intensity pressing and counter-attacking. Players have high stamina, aggression, tackling and counter-attack attributes with traits like “High Pressing” and “Counter Attack Expert”. Teams that press aggressively win the ball high up the pitch and launch quick counter-attacks to catch opponents out of position.

Mastering playstyles in EA FC 24 takes practice. Experiment with different styles to find what suits you. Pay attention to your players’ attributes and traits, and make tactical adjustments to get the most out of your team. With time, you’ll gain the experience to become a legend.

The Best Playstyles for Attackers in EA Sports FC 24

If you want to dominate as an attacker in EA FC 24, you’ll need to master these lethal playstyles.

Pacey Wingers

The fastest players on the pitch, wingers use their blistering speed to beat defenders and send dangerous crosses into the box. Look for players with 90+ pace and dribbling, like Mbappé or Sterling. Dash down the sidelines, perform skill moves to cut inside, and whip the ball in for your strikers to finish.

Clinical Strikers

For pure goalscoring, target strikers with high shooting and finishing stats, e.g. Lewandowski or Kane. Hold up the ball with your strength and wait for teammates to make runs, then pick out the perfect pass or take a shot from the edge of the box. Poach for easy tap-ins by anticipating where the ball will drop in the box. Release finesse shots or power blasts to score from anywhere.

Playmaking CAMs

Creative attacking midfielders, or CAMs, act as the link between your midfield and strikers. Look for players like De Bruyne or Dybala who excel at passing, dribbling and long shots. Thread through balls to send your strikers 1-on-1, take on defenders yourself before picking a pass, or have a crack from distance. The CAM is the heart of your attack, so make sure you’ve got a maestro pulling the strings.

With the right players for these roles and lots of practice, you’ll be scoring for fun and dominating in no time. Now get out there and show them what you’ve got!

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Mastering the Possession Playstyle in EA FC 24

To master the possession playstyle in EA FC 24, you need to focus on ball control, short passes, and dictating the pace of play.

Focus on Ball Control

When using the possession playstyle, it’s all about controlling the ball. Work on dribbling techniques like shielding, drag backs, and feints to maneuver past opponents while maintaining possession. Practice close control dribbling in the skill games to improve.

Play Short, Quick Passes

String together short passes between players to keep the ball moving. Play one-touch passes when possible, using X or A and the pass button. Work the ball around by passing to players in space. Keep your passes short, around 10-15 yards at most. Short passes are more accurate and less likely to be intercepted.

Dictate the Pace

Slow down the speed of play to frustrate your opponent. Pass the ball around and be patient, waiting for openings in the defense. Don’t force long passes or dribble into traffic. Move the ball deliberately, switching the field and probing for weaknesses. Your opponent will get anxious, dragging players out of position and opening up space.

Using the possession playstyle takes patience and practice. Focus on fundamentals like close control, smart short passes, and dictating a slower tempo. Frustrate your opponent by dominating possession and make them chase the ball. When you see an opening, strike quickly before they can recover. Mastering possession play in EA FC 24 will make you a legendary player.

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Winning With the Counter Attack in EA FC 24

The counter attack playstyle is all about absorbing pressure from your opponent and launching quick, lethal attacks before they have a chance to recover. It requires speed, precision, and ruthlessness. To master the counter attack in EA FC 24, focus on these keys to success:

Build a fast, agile squad.

You’ll need pacey forwards, wingers and fullbacks to launch rapid counters. Strikers with 80+ sprint speed and dribbling are ideal. Consider players known for speed and dribbling in real life.

Stay compact and organized defensively.

Defend narrowly and don’t overcommit players forward. Have your midfielders and defenders stay in shape to win the ball back, then look to spring a quick counter. Use team press and offside trap team tactics.

Launch quick, vertical attacks.

As soon as you win the ball, pass forward quickly and directly. Use lobbed through balls, driven passes and one-touch passing to move the ball into the final third before your opponent can recover. Take risks – the rewards are worth it!

Finish clinically.

You won’t get many chances, so you must be clinical. Stay calm and composed in front of goal, look for low driven shots, finesse shots to the far post, and one-touch finishes. Practice the different shot types to improve your accuracy and confidence in front of goal.

With practice, the counter attacking playstyle can be devastatingly effective. Absorb, transition, attack with pace and punish your opponent’s mistakes clinically. Build a squad tailored to this style of play and work on the tactics and skills required to execute lethal counters. You’ll soon be a counter attacking legend in EA FC 24!


Balancing Defense and Offense With the Balanced Playstyle in EA FC 24

To become a legend in EA FC 24, you’ll need to master balancing offense and defense. The balanced playstyle is key to dominating the pitch.

Focus on possession

The key to the balanced playstyle is keeping possession of the ball. Pass frequently and avoid risky dribbling or tackles. Look for open teammates and pass to them quickly. This frustrates your opponent and creates opportunities.

Play a high defensive line

Push your defensive line up the pitch to put pressure on your opponent’s attackers. This makes it hard for them to build up play and often forces mistakes. Have your midfielders track back to support the defense. The high line also allows for an offside trap, catching opponents in an offside position.


Winning the ball high up the pitch lets you launch deadly counterattacks. As soon as you gain possession, look to pass forward to your strikers or wingers. Their pace can devastate opponents before their defense has time to recover. A quick 1-2 pass followed by a through ball is an effective way to slice through a disorganized defense.

Set pieces are key

With the balanced playstyle, set pieces become pivotal. Work on your free kicks and corners to provide scoring chances. Defend set pieces diligently by marking opponents tightly and clearing the ball decisively. Goals from set pieces can make the difference in a balanced, tactical matchup.

To master the balanced playstyle, focus on keeping possession, defending high up the pitch, launching counterattacks and making the most of set pieces. With practice, the balanced playstyle will make you extremely hard to beat and see you dominating EA FC 24.

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EA Sports FC 24 Playstyle Mastery