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How to Defend Like a Pro in EA FC 24

Defend Like a Pro in EA FC 24

You’ve mastered the art of scoring but now it’s time to shore up your defense. Defending well is just as crucial as attacking in EA FC 24. If you can’t keep the other team out of your net, you’ll never win a match. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. By the end of this guide, you’ll be defending like a pro and keeping clean sheets against even the toughest opponents. The key is positioning, timing, and patience. You can’t just charge at the attacker and hope for the best. You need to cut off passing lanes, pressure at the right moments, and force them into making mistakes. With practice, defending will become second nature and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in EA FC 24. The techniques in this guide have been proven at the highest levels of competition, so follow along and you’ll be defending like a champion in no time.

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Understanding Defensive Tactics in EA FC 24

To defend like a pro in EA FC 24, you need to understand defensive tactics and formations. The key is controlling space and anticipating your opponent’s moves.

Zonal Marking

With zonal marking, each defender is responsible for an area of the field. Stay in your zone but also track runs from opposing attackers in your area. Call out players that enter your zone so your teammates can provide cover. The advantage is less chance of being pulled out of position, but requires excellent communication and teamwork.

Man Marking

In man marking, each defender is assigned an opposing attacker to mark. Stick tight to your man, following him closely to limit passing options and make interceptions. Be careful not to get pulled too far out of position, though. For the best results, combine man marking in key areas of the pitch with zonal marking in others.


The containment tactic involves dropping defenders back to restrict space for the other team in the final third of the pitch. Stay compact and narrow, forcing attackers out wide. Then press aggressively to win back possession. Containment works well when defending a lead late in matches.

Mastering defensive tactics and learning to read the flow of the game will make you a formidable opponent. Stay on your toes, communicate with your teammates, and bend but don’t break. With practice, defending will become second nature and you’ll be shutting down strikers in no time.

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Setting Up Your Defense: Formation, Instructions, Player Roles

To shut down your opponent’s offense, you need to set up a solid defense. Start with choosing a formation that suits your playstyle, whether you prefer an attacking 4-3-3 or a more conservative 5-4-1.

Next, select player instructions and roles. For center backs, choose “conservative interceptions” and “stay back while attacking”. This prevents them from making risky challenges upfield. For fullbacks, choose “stay back while attacking”—you want them focused on defense, not joining the attack.

For your defensive midfielder, select “cut passing lanes”, “mark tightly”, and “stay back while attacking”. Their job is to disrupt the other team’s build-up play and prevent them from creating chances.

Now, during gameplay:

  1. Don’t drag defenders out of position. Only manually control them when necessary. The AI will keep your backline organized if left alone.
  2. Use team press sparingly. It tires your players and opens up space for the opposition to exploit. Only use it to force mistakes in their own half.
  3. Watch for skill moves and be ready to contain them. Don’t dive in, or you’ll get beat easily. Move defenders to show the attacker the sideline or baseline and limit their options.
  4. Double-team dangerous attackers to get the ball off them. But don’t leave other offensive players unmarked or they’ll punish you.

With the right tactics and discipline, you’ll frustrate your opponent in no time. Now get out there and let’s see some clean sheets!

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Defending Against Through Balls and Over the Top Passes

Defending against through balls and over the top passes requires anticipation and quick reactions.

Stay alert

Remain focused and on high alert, especially when the opponent has possession in their own half. Look for visual cues that indicate they may play a long pass, such as their strikers making runs in behind your defense or their midfielders preparing to play a lofted ball over the top. The sooner you spot these signs, the quicker you can react.

Delay the runner

As soon as you see the long ball played, sprint back and try to catch up to the attacking player making the run. Even if you can’t win the ball, slowing down their advance gives your teammates time to track back and help defend. Apply pressure and jockey the opponent, forcing them into wider areas away from the danger zone in front of goal.

Intercept or contain

If there’s no chance of catching the attacker, reposition yourself between them and the goal. Stay on your feet and avoid diving in, instead trying to steer them away from the middle and into less threatening areas of the pitch. Your priority is stopping them from getting a clear shot or pass, so delay and contain until reinforcements arrive.

Offside trap

As a last line of defense, coordinate an offside trap with your fellow defenders. Once the long pass is played, immediately step up in unison to catch the receiver in an offside position. Timing is everything, so practice this technique on the training pitch to get in sync. When executed properly, the offside trap can be an extremely effective way to blunt these threatening passes.

With practice, defending against lofted balls and passes over the top can become second nature. Stay alert, delay the attackers, intercept or contain, and utilize the offside trap. Following these tips will transform you into an expert at shutting down one of the most dangerous offensive moves in the game.

Dealing With Skilled Dribblers and Tricky Wingers

Dealing with skilled dribblers and tricky wingers can be frustrating, but with the right techniques you’ll be shutting them down in no time.

Patience is key

The most important thing is to not dive in. Wait for the attacker to make the first move. Stay on your feet and don’t commit yourself too early. Once the winger or dribbler has made their move, you can react and get tight to them or try and win the ball. Rushing in will only allow them to quickly change direction and beat you.

Show them the sideline

Try and show the attacker the sideline. Don’t give them the option to cut inside. Get tight to them and try force them down the line where their options will be limited. Have your teammates shift over to provide cover and the attacker will have nowhere to go.

Double team when needed

If an attacker is causing real problems, don’t be afraid to double team them. Have your teammate also get tight to the attacker. Between the two of you, you should be able to win the ball or force a mistake. Just be careful not to leave too much space open in the middle. Ask a midfielder to drop in and provide extra cover.

Be physical

While you can’t foul the attacker, there’s nothing wrong with some physical contact. Shoulder to shoulder challenges, holding off the attacker and staying touch tight can knock them off their game and disrupt their flow and concentration. The ref won’t blow for a foul as long as you’re challenging fairly for the ball.

By following these tips, you’ll gain confidence in your defending and attackers will struggle to get any change out of you. Stay disciplined, focused and patient and you’ll be shutting down wingers in no time! With regular practice, these techniques will become second nature.

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Set Piece Defending: Corners, Free Kicks and Throw Ins

Defending set pieces like corners, free kicks, and throw-ins requires focus and discipline. As a defender, your job is to mark opponents, clear the ball out of dangerous areas, and avoid giving away unnecessary fouls.


When defending corners, pick up an opponent and stick tight to them. Don’t ball-watch or leave your man, even if the ball is delivered to the other side of the box. Stay goalside of the player you’re marking at all times. If the ball is cleared, be ready to put pressure on the player receiving the pass.

Free Kicks

On free kicks, focus on marking the biggest threats – typically the tallest players. Organize with your teammates to decide who should pick up which opponents before the kick is taken. Don’t allow the offense to have a free header at your goal. Clear the ball as far away from danger as possible, ideally out of bounds. After it’s cleared, get back into position in case another cross comes in.


Defending throw-ins, your objective is to avoid letting the opponent get the ball into the box. Apply pressure to the player taking the throw to force a mistake or bad throw. Don’t foul them, just make them uncomfortable. Mark tightly any player close to the thrower and be ready to intercept passes. If the ball does get into the box, do whatever it takes to clear it as far away as possible. Don’t take risks trying to control and dribble out of the area.

By staying focused, organized, and disciplined on set pieces, you’ll make it very difficult for the offense to create scoring chances. Keep a tight defense, win individual battles, and clear the ball decisively out of danger. Do your job and trust your teammates to do theirs. With practice, defending corners, free kicks and throw-ins will become second nature.


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When the cup starts, you’ll be matched up against opponents of similar rank. Play your best defense, because in tournament play, aggregate score over two legs determines who advances. Some tips for locking down your back line:

  1. Choose destroyers and engines with high standing tackle and strength attributes. Players like these can muscle opponents off the ball and win aerial duels.
  2. Use second man press to have a teammate put pressure on the ball carrier. Then control a midfielder or defender to cut off passing lanes.
  3. Don’t commit to tackles unless you’re confident you’ll win the ball. It’s better to jockey and contain, waiting for the right moment to pounce.
  4. Set defensive tactics to have players stay back while attacking and drop deep when defending. This provides more cover in front of your goal.
  5. Avoid pulling defenders out of position. Only control one at a time, and use teammate contain to have the AI put pressure on opponents.
  6. Stay calm under pressure. Don’t panic and switch players too frequently. Compose yourself and focus on solid defensive positioning.

With practice and persistence, you’ll get better at the art of defense. And with some luck, you’ll make it through the knockout rounds to win big in an EA FC 24 cup on Duelmasters! Play on, defender.

How to Defend Like a Pro in EA Sports FC 24