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Fastest Players in EA FC 24

Fastest Players in EA FC 24

You’re ready to take your EA FC 24 squad to the next level. You’ve built up your team, you know all the plays, and your chemistry rating is off the charts. But now it’s time to add some raw speed to your roster. When you have the fastest players on the pitch, you can blow by defenders, open up space for your teammates, and really put some pressure on your opponent. In this guide, we’ll show you the fastest players in EA FC 24 so you can add a speedster or two and start dominating on the counterattack. By the end of this, your team will be an unstoppable force racing up and down the field.

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Getting to Grips with EA FC 24’s Pace Metrics

To dominate in EA FC 24, you need speed. Pace ratings determine how fast players can run, accelerate and change direction. The higher the pace, the faster the player.

Look for players with 85 pace or higher.

These speedsters will blow by defenders and chase down through balls. Some budget beasts with 85+ pace include:

-Adama Traoré (90 pace, Wolverhampton)

-Ismaila Sarr (87 pace, Watford)

-Moussa Djenepo (86 pace, Southampton)

Train speed stats for your existing players.

Have your players focus on sprint and acceleration drills in training to improve their pace over time. Players under age 25 have the most potential for growth in these attributes.

Use chemistry styles to boost pace.

Chemistry styles like Hunter, Catalyst and Shadow can increase a player’s pace rating by up to 15 points. Slapping one of these on a pacey winger or striker is a great way to maximize their speed.

Play through balls to exploit pace.

Once you have speedsters in your squad, take advantage of their pace by playing threaded through balls over the top of the defense. Call for a one-two or knock the ball into space, then chase it down and blow past the defenders. Pace kills in EA FC 24, so use it to dominate your opponents!

With the fastest players, focused training, chemistry styles and smart tactics, you’ll leave opponents in your dust in no time. Pace is the name of the game, so make it a key part of your gameplay strategy.

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EA FC 24’s Fastest 5 Players Revealed

To dominate the pitch in EA FC 24, you need speed. Here are the top 5 fastest players that will give your team the edge:

Kylian Mbappé (France)

This 21-year-old phenom can reach up to 35 km/h, blowing by defenders with his 97 acceleration and sprint speed. His 92 dribbling and ball control allow him to change direction on a dime. Add 4-star skill moves and you’ve got a nearly unstoppable force.

Adama Traoré (Spain)

With 99 strength and 94 sprint speed, this Wolverhampton winger is an absolute beast. At 6’0”, he shrugs off challenges and powers past opponents. Traoré’s 86 dribbling means he can also dodge and weave his way up the pitch.

Vinicius Jr. (Brazil)

This Real Madrid wunderkind hits 36 km/h with ease thanks to 97 acceleration and sprint speed. His 93 dribbling, along with 4-star skill moves, allows the 19-year-old to dance around defenders and create chances. Vinicius’ 86 finishing means he can tuck it away too.

Achraf Hakimi (Morocco)

Inter’s right back reaches a blazing 37 km/h to chase down attackers and overlap on offense. Hakimi owns 96 stamina, so he’ll still be sprinting late in matches. With 85 crossing and short passing, he serves up chances for teammates and scores the occasional banger.

Leroy Sané (Germany)

Bayern’s left winger tops out at 35.5 km/h using his 97 acceleration and sprint speed. Sané’s 89 dribbling, 4-star weak foot, and array of skill moves bewilder fullbacks. His 85 crossing and 83 short passing find teammates in the box, while his 83 finishing means he can score if he goes himself.

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The Art of Speed: Formations and Tactics Optimization

To dominate in EA FC 24 with fast players, the formation and tactics you use are key. Some recommendations:

Utilize the 4-3-3 Formation

The 4-3-3 formation is ideal for pacey wingers and strikers. Play a fast striker up top, quick wingers on the sides, and a pacey attacking midfielder. This formation spreads the field and allows for through balls to speedy players making runs.

  1. Instruct your wingers to get in behind the defense and cross or cut inside. Have your striker make runs to get on the end of crosses or through balls.
  2. Use the attacking midfielder to play fast wingers and the striker in on goal. They can also take long shots to catch the keeper off guard.
  3. Set attacking tactics like “Fast Build Up” and “Long Ball” to maximize speed.

Employ Counter Attacking Tactics

Playing on the counter attack is a great way to utilize rapid players.

  1. Drop back on defense to win the ball, then use quick outlet passes to launch fast breaks.
  2. Have wingers immediately sprint forward on turnovers to stretch the field. The striker should also make runs to get behind the defense.
  3. Take advantage of the open space behind the opponent’s fullbacks who have pushed up. Slotted through balls and over the top through balls are effective here.
  4. Set “Drop Back” and “Long Ball” tactics to enable effective counter attacks.

Using a formation designed for fast players along with counter attacking tactics will allow you to dominate in EA FC 24 with pace. Your speedy players will flourish, tearing through defenses and scoring for fun. Opponents won’t know how to handle the heat!

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How to Successfully Defend Against Fast-paced Attacks

Defending against players with lots of pace can be tricky in EA FC 24. Here are some tips to help contain those speedy wingers and strikers.

Don’t Rush Your Defenders

The first instinct when an opponent’s fast player gets the ball is to charge at them with your defenders. Resist that urge. Rushing your defenders will only open up more space for the speedy player to exploit.

Instead, jockey the attacker by holding the left trigger or L2 and moving sideways with them. This will allow you to match their speed while preventing them from passing you. Only tackle or attempt to win the ball when you have a good chance of success. Mistimed tackles against pacey players often end in your defender on the ground and the attacker in on goal.

Use Teammate Contain

If an opponent’s fast player does get past your defenders, use teammates by holding the right bumper or R1. This will send one of your midfielders to pressure the ball carrier and try to force them into a mistake or slow them down until your defenders can recover. You can then switch to the midfielder to continue jockeying the attacker.

Teammate contain is very effective against pace since the midfielder will have had time to get in position to defend, unlike your defenders who were left in the dust. The extra defender also makes it more difficult for the speedy player to find a way past.

Stay Patient

The final tip is to remain patient when defending against pace. Don’t get discouraged if an attacker uses their speed to beat your defenders a couple times. Stay focused on good defensive positioning and timing your tackles well. Their pace won’t matter if you can consistently win the ball back through solid defending.

Rushing your defenders, diving into tackles, and losing your patience will only play into the hands of quick players. Remain disciplined in your defending and their speed won’t be such an advantage. With practice, defending against pacey players in FIFA will become second nature.


Develop Your Ultimate Speedy Team in EA FC 24

To dominate in EA FC 24, you need pace. Lots of it. The fastest players in the game can make all the difference, blowing by defenders and creating chances your opponents can only dream of. Here’s how to build the ultimate pace team:

Find the speedsters

Search the transfer market for players with 85+ acceleration and sprint speed. Some of the fastest in the game include:

  1. Adama Traore (95 acceleration, 96 sprint speed)
  2. Kylian Mbappe (94 acceleration, 96 sprint speed)
  3. Vinicius Junior (93 acceleration, 95 sprint speed)

Play them up front

Deploy your rapid forwards in striker and winger roles to maximize their speed and attacking threat. Their pace will terrify defenses and open up space for your other forwards to score.

Counter attack

The counter attack tactic is perfect for pacey players. Win the ball deep, then quickly hit long balls over the top for your speedsters to chase. They’ll blaze past the scrambling defenders and be through on goal before your opponent can react.

Practice precision

With so much pace, your players will frequently find themselves behind the defense. Practice finishing in the advanced shooting skill games to ensure they make the most of these chances. Aim for the far post as keepers will struggle to get across in time.

Surround with passers

Fast players thrive when they have teammates who can find them with accurate through balls. Sign creative midfielders and playmakers to supply the killer passes to release your rapid forwards. Their vision and passing ability will maximize the effectiveness of your speedsters.

Following these tips will have your opponents chasing shadows all match as your blistering pace proves too hot to handle. Speed kills in EA FC 24, so get the fastest players and build your team around them for a sweaty, counter-attacking style that no one can stop.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the speed demons you need to dominate in EA FC 24. With players like Mbappe, Davies and Adama Traore on your squad, you’ll blow by defenders and score for fun. The pace and dribbling of these lightning-fast stars is simply unstoppable. Now get out there, build your ultimate speed team and show your friends who really rules the virtual pitch. The trophies and bragging rights will be all yours thanks to these rapid raiders. Time to put the pedal to the metal – good luck and happy gaming!