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EA FC 24 Best Strikers

EA FC 24 Best Strikers

In the world of football, strikers play a crucial role in a team’s success. They are the primary goal-scoring threat and are known for their ability to revolutionize the game and lead their team to victory. Game features some of the FC 24 best strikers and attackers, each with exceptional talent, finesse, and goal-scoring ability. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 strikers, exploring their skills, preferred positions, and overall ratings in the game, shedding light on the impactful role these players have in the virtual football world.

Strikers, also known as forwards, are positioned at the front of the team’s formation and are responsible for scoring goals. They are often the main offensive players and are known for their speed, agility, and accurate shooting abilities. Strikers are hailed for their game-changing performances and are crucial in leading their teams to victory. In the context of EA Sports FC 24, these strikers possess exceptional ratings and skills, making them formidable assets in the virtual football world.

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Mastering Strikers Development in EA FC 24 Career Mode

Developing strikers in EA FC 24 Career Mode is essential for building a successful and formidable team. Here are some useful methods for developing strikers in the game:

Giving Them Senior Minutes

  • Ensure that your strikers get ample playing time in senior matches. Regular game time allows them to hone their skills, adapt to different game situations, and improve their overall performance.

Considering Loan Options

  • If your strikers are not getting enough playing time in your current team, consider loaning them out to other clubs. This provides them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience, develop their abilities, and potentially return to your team as more polished players.

Focusing on Training Drills

  • Utilize the training feature in EA FC 24 to focus on specific attributes and skills of your strikers. Tailor the training drills to improve their shooting accuracy, dribbling, speed, and physical attributes, enhancing their overall effectiveness on the pitch.

Implementing a Player Development Plan

  • Create a player development plan for each of your strikers, considering various skillset paths based on their strengths and areas for improvement. For example:
    • Goal-scoring Specialist: Focus on improving shooting accuracy, positioning, and finishing.
    • Speed and Agility: Emphasize drills that enhance speed, agility, and dribbling to make them more dynamic and threatening in attack.
    • Physical Powerhouse: Concentrate on building their physical attributes such as strength and stamina to withstand challenges from defenders and maintain peak performance throughout matches.

By implementing these methods, you can effectively develop your FC 24 best strikers in Career Mode, nurturing them into potent goal-scoring assets for your team.

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Enhancing Centre-Forward Growth in EA FC 24 Career Mode

Developing center-forwards in EA FC 24 Career Mode is crucial for enhancing their performance and impact on the virtual football pitch. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively develop center-forwards in the game:

Regular Playing Time

  • Ensure that your center-forwards receive consistent playing time in senior matches. Regular game experience allows them to sharpen their skills, understand the dynamics of the game, and improve their decision-making under pressure.

Individual Training

  • Utilize the training feature to focus on specific attributes of your center-forwards. Tailor training drills to enhance their shooting accuracy, heading, dribbling, and physical attributes, such as strength and agility.

Position-Specific Training

  • Implement position-specific training to refine their ability to hold up the ball, make runs into the box, and create goal-scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

Tactical Understanding

  • Educate your center-forwards on tactical aspects of the game, such as creating space, exploiting defensive weaknesses, and understanding the movement of their teammates to become more effective in the attacking third.


  • Pair young center-forwards with experienced and skilled players to serve as mentors. This allows them to learn from seasoned professionals and gain valuable insights into the nuances of playing as a center-forward.

Player Development Plan

  • Create a personalized player development plan for each center-forward, focusing on areas for improvement and leveraging their existing strengths. For example:
    • Target Man: Emphasize physical attributes, aerial ability, and hold-up play to act as a focal point in the attack.
    • Poacher: Concentrate on improving their off-the-ball movement, finishing, and anticipation to become lethal goal-scoring threats inside the box.
    • Playmaker: Focus on enhancing passing, vision, and link-up play to contribute to the team’s build-up play and create scoring opportunities for teammates.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively develop center-forwards in EA FC 24 Career Mode, transforming them into potent goal-scoring and playmaking assets for your virtual football team.

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The Future of Duelmasters

Duelmasters is constantly evolving to meet the needs and expectations of the gaming community. Here are some exciting developments and future prospects for the platform:

EA FC 24 Tournaments

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EA FC 24 Best Shooting Players & EA FC 24 Best Strikers

1. Kylian Mbappe

  • Club: PSG
  • Rating: 91
  • Description: Kylian Mbappe is a prolific striker known for his exceptional speed and goal-scoring prowess, making him a formidable force on the pitch.

2. Erling Haaland

  • Club: Manchester City
  • Rating: 91
  • Description: Erling Haaland is a rising star with incredible potential, known for his clinical finishing and physical presence in the box.

3. Sam Kerr

  • Club: Chelsea
  • Rating: 90
  • Description: Sam Kerr is a versatile striker known for her goal-scoring abilities and agility, making her a valuable asset in the attacking line-up.

4. Harry Kane

  • Club: Bayern Munich
  • Rating: 90
  • Description: Harry Kane is a seasoned striker with exceptional ball control and a keen eye for goal, making him a consistent threat in the opposition’s box.

5. Robert Lewandowski

  • Club: FC Barcelona
  • Rating: 90
  • Description: Robert Lewandowski is a prolific goal scorer with a powerful shot and strong aerial presence, making him a dominant force in the attacking third.

6. Alex Morgan

  • Club: San Diego Wave
  • Rating: 89
  • Description: Alex Morgan is a skillful striker known for her speed and clinical finishing, making her a potent threat in front of goal.

7. Ada Hegerberg

  • Club: Lyon
  • Rating: 89
  • Description: Ada Hegerberg is a talented striker known for her technical ability and goal-scoring prowess, making her a key player in the attacking line.

8. Antoine Griezmann

  • Club: Atletico Madrid
  • Rating: 88
  • Description: Antoine Griezmann is an agile and creative striker known for his playmaking abilities and goal-scoring prowess, making him a versatile threat in the final third.

9. Victor Osimhen

  • Club: Napoli
  • Rating: 88
  • Description: Victor Osimhen is a dynamic striker known for his speed and physicality, making him a powerful presence in the opposition’s defense.

10. Alexandra Popp

  • Club: Wolfsburg
  • Rating: 88
  • Description: Alexandra Popp is a skilled striker known for her aerial ability and precise finishing, making her a valuable asset in the attacking line-up.

These FC 24 best strikers  possess a wide range of skills and attributes, making them formidable goal-scoring assets in the virtual football world.

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Who Are EA FC 24 Wonderkids?

In EA FC 24, there are several wonderkids with high potential and impressive current ratings that make them valuable assets for Career Mode. Here are some of the wonderkids across different positions:


  1. Warren Zaïre-Emery
    • Age: 17
    • Club: PSG
    • Position: CM, CDM
    • OVR: 75
    • POT: 88
  2. Tommaso Baldanzi
    • Age: 20
    • Club: AS Roma
    • Position: CAM, CF
    • OVR: 77
    • POT: 87
  3. Martin Baturina
    • Age: 20
    • Club: Dinamo Zagreb
    • Position: CM, CAM
    • OVR: 74
    • POT: 86


  1. Alejandro Balde
    • Age: 20
    • Club: FC Barcelona
    • Position: LB, RB
    • OVR: 81
    • POT: 89
  2. Nuno Mendes
    • Age: 21
    • Club: PSG
    • Position: LB, LWB
    • OVR: 82
    • POT: 87
  3. Arnau Martínez
    • Age: 20
    • Club: Girona FC
    • Position: RB, RWB
    • OVR: 80
    • POT: 87

FC 24 best attackers 

  1. Karim Adeyemi
    • Age: 22
    • Club: Borussia Dortmund
    • Position: LM, RM, ST
    • OVR: 80
    • POT: 87
  2. Ansu Fati
    • Age: 21
    • Club: Brighton
    • Position: LW, ST
    • OVR: 78
    • POT: 88
  3. Alejandro Garnacho
    • Age: 19
    • Club: Man Utd
    • Position: LW, LM
    • OVR: 75
    • POT: 88

These wonderkids have impressive potential ratings and current abilities, making them valuable additions to any Career Mode team in EA FC 24. Whether you’re looking to develop them into world-class talents or sell them for profit, these young players offer exciting prospects for long-term success in the game.

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Ultimate Conclusion

From the perspective of Duelmasters, the top 1 best striker in EA FC 24 would be Karim Adeyemi. His exceptional speed, finishing ability, and stamina make him an invaluable asset for any team. Additionally, deploying him as the primary striker allows him to fully utilize his explosive pace and contribute significantly to the team’s offensive capabilities.

EA  Sports FC 24 Best Strikers