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Clix Fortnite Settings

Clix Fortnite Settings

You love watching Clix dominate in Fortnite tournaments. His building and editing skills are insane. You wish you could be that good. Well, the key is in the settings. Clix’s settings are optimized for speed and efficiency. In this guide, we’ll break down Clix’s keybinds, sensitivity, resolution, graphics settings, and more. We’ll explain what each setting does so you understand how to configure them on your system. With Clix’s settings, you’ll build faster, hit more shots, and maybe start racking up some Victory Royales. Read on to unlock the same settings that made Clix the champion he is today. This is the ultimate guide to copying Clix’s Fortnite settings and loadout.

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Who Is Clix? An Introduction to the Fortnite Pro

Clix is one of the top Fortnite players in the world. At just 15 years old, he has already won over $200,000 from various Fortnite tournaments and events. His real name is Cody Conrod, and he’s originally from New Jersey.

His Rise to Fame

Clix started gaining attention in the Fortnite scene around 2018 when he placed well in several Friday Fortnite tournaments. His big break came in 2019 when he won the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Invitational, taking home $60,000. Since then, he’s established himself as one of the best box fighters and aimers in Fortnite.

His Signature Style

Clix is known for his fast-paced, aggressive style of play. He loves taking box fights and close-quarters engagements, where his building and editing skills give him an advantage. His aim and reflexes are also top-notch. Some of his signature moves are the Clix classic retake and the Clix special edit. He helped popularize exploits like the double edit bind, which many pros now use.

What’s Next for Clix?

At just 15, Clix has his whole career ahead of him. He continues to place highly in FNCS and other Fortnite competitions. As Fortnite evolves, Clix adapts quickly to changes and finds ways to gain an edge over his opponents. With his skill and determination, Clix is poised to win many more titles and cement his status as an esports legend. His future is bright, and the Fortnite world will be watching him closely.

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Clix’s Keybinds and Sensitivity Settings

Mouse Settings

Clix uses a Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse. His mouse DPI is 800, with an in-game X and Y sensitivity of 6.5%. These lower sensitivity settings allow for precise aim and building.


Clix has a unique set of keybinds that work well for his playstyle. His wall and ramp are on his mouse thumb buttons for quick building. His floor is C and his pyramid is V. Using multiple build keybinds on his keyboard allows Clix to build efficiently without limiting his movement.


Clix has become known for his quick editing skills. His edit keybind is E, with edits on release enabled. This setting, combined with his fast reaction times, allows Clix to swiftly edit his way out of bad situations or gain high ground during build fights.

Additional keys

Some of Clix’s other important keybinds are:

  • Reload/Interact: R
  • Crouch: Ctrl
  • Slot 1 (Shotgun): 2
  • Slot 2 (SMG): 3
  • Slot 3 (AR): 4
  • Slot 4 (Minis): 5

Final thoughts

Emulating Clix’s keybinds and sensitivity settings is a great way to improve your mechanical skills in Fortnite. His settings are optimized for fast building, editing, and aiming which are essential to becoming a top player. While copying settings alone won’t make you a pro, using them as a base to develop your own preferences can help speed up the learning process.

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Clix’s Video Settings for Optimal Performance

To get the best gameplay experience, you’ll want to configure your video settings to match Clix’s. He’s optimized his setup for high performance and visibility.

Display Resolution

Clix plays on a 24-inch monitor with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This full HD resolution provides a crisp image without overtaxing his graphics card. If your monitor supports it, aim for at least 1080p. Higher resolutions like 1440p or 4K can work too, you may just need to lower some other settings.

Frame Rate

A high frame rate means smoother motion and less lag. Clix caps his frame rate at 240 FPS. If your monitor’s refresh rate supports it, set your frame rate limit to at least 120 FPS or higher. Anything below 60 FPS will make the game feel choppy.

Graphics Quality

Clix sets his graphics to Medium settings with View Distance on Epic. This provides good visibility at a distance without compromising too much performance. Shadows, anti-aliasing and textures are less important so he leaves them at lower settings. Adjust your individual graphics settings to find the right balance of quality and FPS for your setup.


Clix disables V-Sync which can introduce input lag. Unless you experience screen tearing, turn V-Sync off.


For the best visibility, Clix sets his in-game brightness to 100%. Crank your brightness all the way up as well, especially if you play in a well-lit room.

By tuning your Fortnite settings to match Clix’s optimized configuration, you’ll be dominating build battles at high FPS in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Clix’s HUD and Gameplay Settings

Gameplay Settings

As an aggressive player, Clix has his gameplay settings optimized for speed and quick responses. He plays on a low sensitivity of 400 DPI and 0.7 in-game sens to allow him to flick shot accurately. Clix also has sprint by default enabled so he can move around the map swiftly.

HUD Settings

When it comes to his HUD, Clix keeps it minimal and out of the way. He scales down most elements like the minimap and eliminations feed to about 0.7 size so he has maximum visibility. His inventory is also scaled small and located in the bottom right corner. The only elements Clix enlarges are his materials, health, and shield bars so he can monitor them easily during build fights and box fights.


Clix uses a Logitech G Pro keyboard and G Pro Wireless mouse. For building, he uses the default F1-F4 keys. His floor is mapped to mouse button 4 for fast placement. Clix edits with F and has reset building choice enabled for quick resets. His weapon slots are mapped to the number keys along the top of the keyboard.

Color Blind Settings

Although not color blind himself, Clix uses the Deuteranope color blind setting. He finds the recolored visuals provide more contrast which helps in spotting enemies from a distance. The Deuteranope setting also highlights chests, ammo boxes and loot in a bright red color that catches his eye.

Additional Tips

Some other tips from Clix include:

  • Practice box fighting and build battling regularly in Creative mode. Speed and precision are key.
  • Focus on mastering a small drop spot by landing there repeatedly. Learn all the chest spawns and rotations.
  • Take smart fights. Don’t take a fight you can’t win. Disengage if needed and come back when you have an advantage.
  • VOD review your gameplay to analyze mistakes and find areas for improvement. Notice the techniques of pro players.
  • Keep a consistent and efficient warm-up routine to stay at the top of your mechanics.

By applying Clix’s settings and tips, you’ll be cranking 90’s and chasing Victory Royales in no time. Stay dedicated and always keep improving – that’s the key to becoming a champion Fortnite player.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Clix’s Fortnite Settings

Many of Clix’s fans are curious about the settings and keybinds that have made him such a dominant Fortnite player. As one of the top earners in competitive Fortnite, Clix receives a lot of questions about how he’s set up his game. Here are some of the most common questions and answers:

What are Clix’s keybinds?

Clix uses a Logitech G Pro keyboard and the Razer Viper Ultimate mouse. His builds are mapped to his mouse buttons, with wall and ramp on the thumb buttons. He uses E for floor and Q for cone. Clix keeps his weapon slots on the number keys (1-5) for easy access. These keybinds allow for fast building combos and quick weapon switching in intense build fights.

What are Clix’s video settings?

Clix prioritizes high FPS over graphics. He plays on all low settings with the exception of view distance which he sets to medium. This allows for maximum performance and reduces input delay. Clix caps his FPS at 240 to match his 240Hz gaming monitor. These settings are optimized for competitive play where every frame and millisecond counts.

What are Clix’s practice routines?

Clix is known for his mechanical skill and dedication to practice. He spends hours each day in creative mode practicing his building, editing and aiming. Clix focuses on mastering new retakes, high ground retakes, and piece control techniques. He also does edit courses, aim training maps and realistic 1v1s to improve his skills. Clix’s practice and grind are what have allowed him to become such a dominant player.

What gaming equipment does Clix use?

In addition to his keyboard, mouse and monitor, Clix uses a Logitech C922 Pro webcam, Blue Yeti microphone, and HyperX Cloud Alpha headset. His gaming PC features an Intel i9 processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card and 16GB of RAM. This high-end setup provides the power and performance for Clix to compete at the highest level.

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If you’re looking to earn some serious V-Bucks, Duelmasters tournaments are the way to go. These competitive events feature solo and duo matches where the top finishers can win cash prizes. The prize pools depend on the number of entrants, but can range from $50 to $500 for first place.

Practice and Prepare

To place well in a tournament, you need to practice. Play lots of Arena matches to improve your building and editing skills. Work on strategies to gain high ground, rotate effectively, and outplay opponents. Study the latest tips and tricks from pro players to incorporate into your gameplay.

Compete and Get Paid

On tournament day, join the matches at your scheduled time. Play aggressively but also strategically to get eliminations and placement points. The top solo finishers and duo teams on the leaderboard at the end of the event will win a share of the prize pool. Most organizers pay out prizes within a week via PayPal, wire transfer or other methods.

Winning a Duelmasters tournament is challenging, but with practice you have a shot at earning cash and making a name for yourself in the competitive Fortnite scene. Keep at it and you could eventually win an invite to bigger events like the Fortnite Champion Series. Who knows, you might just become the next Clix or Bugha!

Unlock Clix's Fortnite settings