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Best Rocket League Camera Settings

Best Rocket League Camera Settings

You’re looking to take your Rocket League game to the next level, right? Well, one of the keys is getting those camera settings dialed in just right. The pros have this down to a science. They tweak every setting to maximize visibility, precision, and overall control of their battle cars in the arena. In this article, we’ll break down the exact camera settings the best Rocket League players use. From FOV to height to angle and more, you’ll get an inside look at the settings that have taken these pros to the top of the leaderboards. With these dialed in on your setup, you’ll gain an immediate competitive edge over opponents still using default settings. Let’s dive in and level up your camera game!

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Why Camera Settings Matter in Rocket League

In Rocket League, your camera settings play a huge role in how well you can read the field and react to the action. The default settings just won’t cut it if you want to compete at a high level.

Find the Right FOV

Field of view or FOV determines how much of the arena you can see at once. A higher FOV lets you see more of the play developing around you, which is critical for making good passes and getting into position. Most pros use an FOV between 100 to 110. Play around with different settings to find what feels right for your playstyle.

Adjust Your Camera Distance

The closer your camera is to the ball, the harder it will be to see the whole field and read your teammates’ movements. But a camera that’s too far away makes it tough to dribble and aim accurate shots. A distance between 250 to 300 is a good place to start. You can then tweak from there based on your preferences.

Choose Your Camera Angle

The camera angle controls how much of the arena you see above and below your car. Angles between -3 to -5 degrees are common among pro players and provide a balanced view. More negative angles let you see more of the space below and behind your car, while less negative angles give you a better view of the ball and players upfield.

With the right settings for your FOV, distance and angle, you’ll have a much clearer view of the play and be able to react faster. You’ll whiff less, pass with pinpoint accuracy and unleash shots that leave your opponents stunned. Take the time to experiment in casual matches until you find your perfect settings. Your rank will thank you!

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Recommended Camera Settings From RLCS Pros

If you want to up your Rocket League game, start by adjusting your camera settings. The pros tweak their settings for a reason, to gain a competitive edge. Here are some recommendations from RLCS players:

FOV or field of view changes how much of the arena you can see. Most pros use between 100 to 110 degrees. A wider FOV lets you see more of the play developing around you so you can make better decisions.

Distance is how far the camera is from your car. Between 260 to 290 is popular. A shorter distance gives you a closer view of the action, while a longer one provides more situational awareness. Find what feels right for your playstyle.

Height affects your view of the ball and other players. Between 90 to 110 is common. A lower height is better for dribbling and ground play, while a higher height makes it easier to get a sense of players in the air or across the arena.

Angle determines how much of the arena floor you can see. Between -3 to -5 degrees is standard. A shallower angle shows more of the floor, useful for dribbling and challenges. A steeper angle provides an aerial view better for shots and passes.

Stiffness changes how fast the camera moves to keep your car in view. Most pros use 0.4 to 0.6. A lower stiffness provides a smoother camera motion, while a higher one keeps the camera close to your car at high speeds.

Swivel speed determines how fast the camera rotates around your car. Between 5 to 7 is typical. Faster rotation helps keep opponents and teammates in view during quick movements and maneuvers. Slower rotation produces a more stable camera view.

Play around with different settings to find the right combo for your abilities and playing style. The settings used by pros are a good starting point, but you may need to make adjustments to suit you. With practice, these camera tweaks can transform your game sense and boost your skills to the next level.

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Finding the Best Camera Angle for You

The camera settings you choose can make a huge difference in your Rocket League gameplay. The default settings are fine for casual play, but if you want to reach the next level, tweaking your camera options is key. 

FoV or Field of View

To start, adjust your FoV or field of view. A wider FoV lets you see more of the arena at once, which is useful for awareness and passing plays. Most pro players use an FoV between 100 to 110. Play around with different settings to find what feels right for you. You want it wide enough to have good vision, but not so wide it distorts your view and makes it hard to aim.

Camera Distance

How far back or close the camera is positioned also impacts your view. Having it closer to your car gives you a first-person feel that can be good for dribbling and control. But for most gameplay, moving it further back is better. This gives you a wider view of the field and your surroundings. Most pros use a distance between 250 to 300. Start around 270 and adjust from there.

Camera Height

The height of your camera determines how much of the arena floor you can see at once. Lower settings give you a closer view of the ball and your car, which can be useful for precise touches and control. Higher settings provide a more top-down view, allowing you to see other players, boost pads, and make strategic passes. For a balanced view, try starting between 90 to 110 height.

Camera Stiffness

Finally, consider your camera stiffness, which controls how much your camera swivels when you turn. Lower stiffness settings will swing the camera more, while higher settings keep it more fixed in place as you steer. Most players prefer a mid to high stiffness between .5 to 1.0. This provides a smooth camera while still giving you information about your surroundings when you change direction.

Tweaking these options and finding the right combo for your playstyle can transform your game. Take the time to experiment in free play and you’ll be making epic calculated plays in no time!

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Camera Shake – On or Off?

As a pro Rocket League player, one of the most important settings you need to configure is camera shake. The default setting has camera shake on, which means your camera will vibrate and shake with impacts and explosions. This may seem immersive, but it can actually be distracting and make it harder to see the action clearly.

Turn Camera Shake Off

Most pro players recommend turning camera shake off. This will give you a perfectly smooth and stable view of the field, ball, and other cars at all times. With camera shake on, the shaking can obscure your view at critical moments and make it harder to line up shots or see where opponents are moving. For competitive play, a stable camera is best.

Test Both Settings

The choice comes down to personal preference, so it’s worth testing both settings to see which you perform better with. Some players find that a little bit of camera shake helps them feel more connected to the action without being too distracting. You may need to adjust other settings like camera distance and height to find the right balance.

Consider Other Settings

Turning camera shake off is just one of many settings pro players tweak to gain a competitive edge. You’ll also want to consider:

  • Camera distance – Most pros use a midrange camera distance that shows much of the field while still keeping the ball reasonably large. Around 260 to 290 is common.
  • Camera height – A slightly raised camera, around 110 to 130, gives you a good view over and around other cars.
  • Camera transition speed – Faster camera swivel speeds, around 6 or 7, allow you to quickly look around the arena.
  • FOV – A wider FOV, around 110, expands your peripheral vision.

Adjusting all these settings will take some experimentation to find what works best for your playstyle. But turning camera shake off is a good first step towards a pro-level Rocket League setup. With the distraction gone, you’ll be scoring goals and pulling off aerials with ease in no time!

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Advanced Camera Settings for Next Level Plays

Ball Cam On

Having ball cam on is essential for tracking the ball and making plays. Ball cam keeps the camera focused on the ball at all times, so you always know where it is and can react quickly. The only time you’ll want to turn ball cam off is when dribbling or looking for boost. Once you’ve mastered ball cam, you’ll rarely have it off.


Adjusting your field of view (FOV) settings is key to improving your game. A wider FOV, between 100 to 110 degrees, gives you better peripheral vision to see more of the field and spot teammates and opponents. Start at 100 and adjust up or down from there based on your preference. The default FOV of 90 is too narrow for most players.

Camera Distance

Having the camera at the optimal distance from your car allows you to see enough of the field to make plays while still keeping your car in view. A distance of 260 to 280 is a good range for most players. Start at 270 and adjust as needed. The closer the camera is to your car, the harder it will be to see the whole field. The further away it is, the harder it will be to control your car.

Camera Height

Adjusting the camera height impacts how much of the field is visible above and below your car. A height of 100 to 120 is ideal for seeing over the ball while dribbling and making aerial plays. Start at 110 and adjust up or down as needed. The default height of 90 is too low for advanced techniques.

Camera Stiffness

Camera stiffness adjusts how quickly the camera moves to keep your car in view. A higher stiffness, around 0.5 to 0.7, is best for a responsive camera that quickly orients behind your car. This allows you to see opponents and teammates approaching from all sides and react fast. Start at 0.6 and go up or down as needed. The default of 0.4 is too loose for competitive play.

With the right combination of camera settings tuned to your preferences, you’ll gain valuable visibility and control to take your skills to the next level. Keep practicing and adjusting, and before you know it, you’ll be making plays worthy of the pros.

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So there you have it – some pro tips on camera settings that can really up your Rocket League game. The key is finding the right balance between getting the wider field of view you need to react quickly while keeping things steady enough to line up those sweet aerial goals. Start tweaking around the settings we covered to find your Rocket League camera sweet spot. It may take some experimenting to get it just right, but once you do, you’ll be flying up the ranks in no time. Who knows, you may just go pro yourself with these camera hacks. But the most important thing is having fun out there as you take your skills to the next level. Now get out there, make some camera magic happen, and start dominating the field!

Rocket League Camera Settings