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Pokimane Valorant Settings

Pokimane Valorant Settings

You’re an avid Valorant player looking to up your game and dominate the competition. Who better to learn from than one of the top female streamers and former Counter-Strike pro, Pokimane? Her aim is on point and her crosshair settings are dialed in perfectly. In this guide, we’ll break down Pokimane’s Valorant settings including crosshair color, size, thickness and more. You’ll get an inside look at how she has her crosshair customized for precise shots. We’ll also cover the reasoning behind her settings so you can understand how to tweak your own crosshair. With these pro tips, you’ll gain the accuracy you need to clutch those 1v1s and hit insane flicks. Time to take your Valorant skills to the next level!

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Who Is Pokimane? A Quick Introduction to the Popular Twitch Streamer

A Rising Star

Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer and content creator known for playing League of Legends and Valorant. Since starting her channel in 2015, she has amassed over 6 million followers and established herself as one of the biggest female streamers on Twitch.

Humble Beginnings

Pokimane grew up in Morocco and Canada. She started streaming while attending university, playing League of Legends in her spare time. Her fun, bubbly personality and skills at the game quickly gained her a following. After graduating, she decided to pursue streaming full-time.

Diverse Content

While Pokimane is best known for playing Valorant and League of Legends, she also streams creative content like drawing, makeup, and cooking. She aims to be a positive role model for her viewers and promotes an inclusive community.

Pokimane has won numerous streaming awards and was even featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. Through hard work, skill, and by cultivating a positive community, Pokimane has built an incredibly successful streaming career and become an inspiration to many. While her crosshair settings may be a secret, her rise to fame is a lesson in following your dreams.

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Pokimane’s Valorant Gameplay and Rank

Casual Playstyle

Pokimane typically plays Valorant casually and for fun on stream, though she has reached Radiant rank before. She usually plays unranked matches or custom games with friends and viewers. Her casual playstyle and interactions with chat while gaming is a big part of her appeal as a streamer.

Agent of Choice

Pokimane’s agent of choice in Valorant is Jett. Jett’s mobility and ability to quickly reposition herself suits Pokimane’s aim-focused playstyle. Using Jett’s dash, updraft and smoke abilities, Pokimane is able to outplay her opponents and clutch rounds for her team.

Occasional Tournament Play

While Pokimane focuses primarily on streaming Valorant, she has competed in a few smaller tournaments. In these tournaments, she shows off her skills against other top players. Her performance in these tournaments demonstrates that while she mainly streams casually, she is still a highly skilled player.

Improvement Over Time

Like any player, Pokimane has improved at Valorant over time through diligent practice. Early on, her aim and game sense were quite good, but over months of streaming the game nearly every day, she has achieved an expert level of mastery. Her skills continue to impress her dedicated viewers and fellow competitors. Through hard work and persistence, Pokimane has become one of the top Valorant streamers and players.

Pokimane’s dedicated Valorant streams and tournament play have inspired many of her viewers to improve at the game themselves. Her talent, charm, and work ethic serve as an example of what can be achieved with passion and dedication.

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Breaking Down Pokimane’s Valorant Crosshair

Pokimane is one of the top Valorant streamers, so many fans try to emulate her settings to improve their own gameplay. Her crosshair settings are a key part of her success and precision. Let’s analyze the details of Pokimane’s Valorant crosshair to understand why it works so well for her playstyle.

Size and Type

Pokimane uses a small dot crosshair with a size of 1 thickness, providing a minimal but precise point of aim. The dot avoids obscuring too much of the target at a distance while still giving a clear center point for aiming. For the type, she chooses the dot over crosshairs with lines, as it reduces visual clutter on the screen.


An unconventional bright pink color allows the crosshair to stand out clearly against all map environments and backgrounds. The highly visible color makes it easy to keep the crosshair centered on the target at all times. While some players may find a bright color distracting, for Pokimane the benefits of high visibility outweigh any potential downsides.


Pokimane enables outlines on her crosshair, with an outline thickness of 1 to match the size of the dot. The black outline helps the pink dot pop even more, ensuring it is always sharply visible. The outline is a subtle but important part of making her crosshair as clear as possible.

Movement and Firing Error

Pokimane disables movement and firing error, keeping her crosshair a consistent size at all times. This avoids any distraction from the crosshair size or gap changing, allowing her to focus solely on aiming precisely. A static crosshair also builds muscle memory for the exact size and feel of the crosshair.

Pokimane’s Valorant crosshair settings provide a masterclass in building a clean, minimal, and highly visible crosshair focused on precision. For any player looking to improve their aim and consistency, analyzing and experimenting with these settings is a great place to start.

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How to Copy Pokimane’s Crosshair Settings in Valorant

In Valorant, having the right crosshair settings can make a big difference in your aiming accuracy and precision. As one of the top Valorant streamers, Pokimane has spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning her crosshair to perfection. If you want to aim like the pros, copying Pokimane’s crosshair settings is a great place to start.

Crosshair Color

Pokimane uses a bright pink crosshair to make it highly visible against any background. To get the same color, set the crosshair to custom and enter these values: Red: 255
Green: 0
Blue: 255

Crosshair Size and Lines

Pokimane prefers a small crosshair with minimal lines for a clean, uncluttered sight picture. Set ‘Crosshair Size’ to 1, and turn off the ‘Draw Center Dot’ and ‘Draw Center Cross’ options. This will give you a simple + shape.

Firing Error and Movement Error

For precise aiming, Pokimane has firing error and movement error turned off. This means her crosshair will not dynamically expand when shooting or moving, which can be distracting. Turn these options to ‘Off’ for steadier aiming.

Crosshair Outline

To ensure maximum visibility, Pokimane has her crosshair outline set to ‘On’ at the maximum thickness of 5. The outline color is the same bright pink as the crosshair. This high-contrast outline makes the crosshair pop and easier to keep track of during intense firefights.

By copying these pro crosshair settings, you’ll be aiming with the same precision and accuracy as one of the top Valorant players. Practice, train, and keep tweaking the settings to match your personal preferences. Your headshot percentage and kill-death ratio will start improving in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pokimane’s Valorant Crosshair

What crosshair does Pokimane use?

Pokimane uses a fairly standard medium-sized crosshair in Valorant. The specific settings are:

  • Color: Pink
  • Outlines: Off
  • Center Dot: Off
  • Inner Lines: 1 / 4 / 2 / 2
  • Outer Lines: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0

She likes the pink color because it stands out and matches her stream branding. The inner lines provide a crosshair that isn’t too distracting but still helps with aiming at medium and long range.

Why does Pokimane prefer these crosshair settings?

Pokimane has said she likes these settings because the crosshair is visible but not too intrusive. The inner lines help with precision at most ranges without obscuring too much of the screen. The lack of a center dot and outer lines keeps the crosshair simple. Overall, these settings provide a good balance of visibility and precision for Pokimane’s aim and playstyle.

Does Pokimane ever change her crosshair?

Pokimane will occasionally adjust her crosshair settings based on the current meta or her preferences. For example, she has used different colors, tweaked the line thickness, or added a center dot at times. However, she usually comes back to settings similar to those listed above, as they seem to suit her natural aim and the variety of weapons in Valorant.

Why is Pokimane’s crosshair a good one to try?

Pokimane’s crosshair settings are a great starting point for new Valorant players to try. The medium size and minimal elements help with aim without being too distracting. The pink color, while matching Pokimane’s personal brand, also stands out well against most backdrops. For those wanting to emulate Pokimane’s aim and playstyle, using her crosshair is a simple first step, though practice and experience are ultimately the most important factors.

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So there you have it, folks. Pokimane’s crosshair settings might seem pretty basic at first glance, but don’t let that fool you. There’s a method to her madness. She keeps things simple and focused on the fundamentals so she can concentrate on strategy, teamwork, and outsmarting her opponents. While you may want to tweak things to match your own playstyle, her settings are a great starting point if you’re looking to improve your Valorant game. At the end of the day, it comes down to putting in the hours and constantly working to get better. Pokimane’s dedication to mastering the basics has clearly paid off big time. Now it’s your turn to hit the practice range and start dialing in what works for you. See you on the battlefield!

Pokimane Valorant Crosshair Settings