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Female Players in EA FC 24

Female Players in EA FC 24

Hey, FIFA fan! Did you know some of the best-kept secrets in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team are the amazing female players? You’re missing out on serious talent if you haven’t unlocked a few of the top women footballers. Female players have been part of the game for a few years now, but many FUT players still overlook them. Their stats are comparable to the top men, but they tend to be cheaper on the transfer market. Smart FUT players have caught on and built squads featuring female players to gain a competitive advantage. In this guide, we’ll highlight the best female players by position so you can get in on the secret and build an unstoppable mixed squad. Time to show some love to women’s football and unlock the potential of female players in your Ultimate Team!

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Why Use Female Players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Using female players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team mode gives you an advantage over opponents who don’t. Their ratings are on par with top male players, but they’re often much more affordable on the transfer market since many players overlook or underestimate them.

You’ll find speedy wingers, clinical strikers, and stalwart defenders among the female players. Legends like Abby Wambach, Christine Sinclair, and Marta offer experience and leadership. Young up-and-comers like Mallory Pugh, Georgia Stanway, and Kadeisha Buchanan are poised to become superstars.

With the right tactics and formation, a squad with female players can dominate on the virtual pitch. Their finesse and skill moves are as effective as their male counterparts. A striker like Ada Hegerberg can bang in goals from anywhere inside the box, while wingers like Tobin Heath provide pinpoint crosses to create chances.

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Using female players also adds diversity to your team and exposes you to different styles of play. Their animations and play styles feel fresh, adding another layer of depth to team building in FUT. You might just find a new favorite player.

Give some of the world’s best female players a chance in your Ultimate Team. You’ll open up new possibilities, save coins, and gain an advantage over opponents who haven’t discovered these stars yet. Build around them and unleash their full potential.

With the right tactics and formation, a squad with female players can dominate on the virtual pitch. They have the skills and stats to compete at the highest levels, even if they don’t always get the same respect and recognition as male players. Make the most of this market inefficiency—their talent far outweighs their price tags.

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Top 5 Highest Rated Female Player Cards

Some of the highest-rated female player cards in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team are absolute game-changers. Add any of these superstars to your squad and watch your results improve instantly.

Megan Rapinoe (92 OVR)

The reigning Ballon d’Or Féminin winner still has it at 34. With 96 crossing and 95 free kick accuracy, she’ll deliver pinpoint passes and threaten from set pieces. Her 5-star weak foot means she’s deadly from either side.

Sam Kerr (91 OVR)

The Australian striker is a goal-scoring phenomenon with 95 finishing and 92 positioning. Lightning quick with 93 pace and 88 dribbling, she’ll leave defenders in the dust. Kerr’s the complete forward and guaranteed to find the net.

Wendie Renard (90 OVR)

A towering presence at 6’2″ with 93 strength, the French center back dominates in the air and wins every tackle. With 91 standing tackle and 90 sliding tackle, she’s an impenetrable wall at the back.

Lucy Bronze (89 OVR)

Arguably the world’s best right back, the English star has it all: 93 crossing, 91 dribbling, 90 stamina. She flies up and down the flank, delivering pinpoint balls with ease. Bronze offers both defensive solidity and attacking prowess.

Christine Sinclair (88 OVR)

Canada’s greatest footballer, Sinclair is a predatory striker with 90 positioning, 88 finishing and 86 long shots. She’s a natural leader up top and will inspire your whole team to up their game. At 36, she’s still as prolific as ever in front of goal.

With these world-beaters in your squad, you’ll have the ammunition to compete at the highest levels. Build your team around them and get ready to lift some serious silverware. The potential of women’s football in FIFA 24 is limitless!

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Best Budget Beasts: Cheap Female Players Who Play Above Their Rating

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has some incredible female players that won’t break the bank. These budget beasts play well above their rating and are perfect for any starter squad.

Kosovare Asllani

This Swedish striker is an absolute steal with her 81 rating and 850 coin price tag. Her 88 pace, 84 dribbling, and 4-star skills make her a nightmare for defenses. Pair her up top with a strong striker to take advantage of her passing and through balls.

Alex Morgan

For around 1,400 coins, Alex Morgan’s 83 rated card is a must-have. Her blazing 93 pace and 86 finishing mean she can get in behind the backline and bury her chances. She’s the perfect super-sub to bring on late in games when your opponent’s defense is tired. The US women’s national team star is always a threat in the box.

Sam Kerr

The Australian striker is one of the best players in women’s football and her 84 rated FUT item reflects that. For under 2,000 coins, her 88 pace, 85 dribbling, 4-star skills and finesse shot trait make her a complete forward. She can beat defenders with skill moves, run onto through balls or cut inside and curl a shot into the top corner. Her heading accuracy of 85 also makes her a target on crosses and corners.

Other cheap options include 81 rated Canadian striker Christine Sinclair, 82 rated Netherlands right back Desiree van Lunteren and 83 rated French center back Wendie Renard. Building a squad around these kinds of value players is the best way to get started in FUT and save your coins for the high-end female icons like Mia Hamm or Marta. These budget beasts will do the business until you can afford the very best!


Skill Moves and Weak Foot: The Most Agile and Versatile Female Stars

To get the most out of your female players in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, focus on their agility, ball control, and weak foot ability. Some of the most versatile female stars that can pull off skill moves and score with either foot include:

Lieke Martens (Netherlands, FC Barcelona)

With 5-star skill moves and a 4-star weak foot, Martens is one of the most agile dribblers in women’s football. Her 84 dribbling, 83 ball control, and 80 finishing make her a threat when cutting inside from the wing. Use drag backs, heel chops and spins to beat defenders before curling a shot into the far corner.

Sam Kerr (Australia, Chelsea)

Sam Kerr is fast becoming the face of women’s football. With 84 pace, 83 dribbling and 80 shooting, Kerr can blow by defenders and score from almost anywhere. While only having 3-star skill moves, her 4-star weak foot means she can take defenders on from either side and finish clinically with both feet. Play her at striker and watch the goals fly in.

Caroline Seger (Sweden, FC Rosengård)

A midfield maestro, Seger pulls the strings for Sweden and her club team. With 85 short passing, 82 long passing, and 74 vision, Seger can unlock defenses with a single pass. While not the quickest, her 4-star skill moves and weak foot make her press-resistant and able to switch the play in an instant. Play Seger at the center of a midfield three and utilize her full range of passing.

Christine Sinclair (Canada, Portland Thorns)

Christine Sinclair is a Canadian legend and still one of the top strikers in the women’s game at 37. With 82 finishing, 80 positioning, and 76 volleys, Sinclair is lethal in front of goal. While only having 3-star skill moves, her 4-star weak foot means she can finish from any angle. Bring Sinclair on late in games to poach crucial goals when opposition defenses are tiring. Her experience and goal-scoring ability make her an invaluable super-sub.

Formations and Tactics to Get the Most Out of Your Female Squad

To get the most out of your female players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, the right formation and tactics are key.

4-3-3 Holding

This formation works great for showcasing technical and skillful players. The four defenders provide cover at the back, while the midfield trio allow for possession and build-up play. The front three attackers are perfect for fast, agile players who can beat their marker and score goals. Try playing a playmaker at CAM, with two pacey wingers and a clinical striker up top.

  • Use “Possession” or “Fast Build Up” for attacking style. This allows your skillful players to thrive.
  • Set your fullbacks to “Join the Attack” to provide width in attack.
  • Have one CM set to “Drop Between Defenders” to help build from the back.


If you prefer using wing backs, a 5-2-1-2 formation is ideal. The three central defenders give you defensive solidity, while the wing backs act as attacking outlets on the flanks. Use a playmaker at CAM to link with the two strikers.

  • Select “Long Ball” tactics to utilize the pace of your front three. Play early through balls for them to chase.
  • Have your wing backs set to “Join the Attack” and “Overlap” to provide width.
  • One CM should be set to “Drop Between Defenders” to help play out from the back.

Trying out different formations and tactics is key to getting the most out of your female players. Once you find a system that suits your players’ strengths, you’ll be scoring plenty of goals and climbing the leaderboards in no time! Focus on technical players, pace, and playmaking ability to build a squad that can compete with anyone.

Cash In on EA FC 24: Play Tournaments for Money on Duelmasters

Once you’ve built up your team of female players, it’s time to put them to the test in competitive gameplay. The best way to do this in EA FC 24 is by competing in Duelmasters tournaments. These tournaments allow you to play competitive matches against other players for the chance to win real money.

Find Open Tournaments

Log into your Duelmasters account and look for open EA FC 24 tournaments. Most will be listed under the “EA FC 24 Female Players Cup.” These cups feature all-female teams and are a great chance for your squad to shine. You’ll see details on the tournament format, entry fee, and prize pools for the winners.

Build Your Squad

Make sure you have your best all-female team selected before joining a tournament. Choose players with high attributes like pace, dribbling, and finishing to give you the best chance of winning. Have substitutes on the bench in case any of your starters get injured or have low fitness during matches.

Play Through the Matches

Once the tournament starts, you’ll be matched up against other players and their female teams. Play each match to the best of your ability, using skill moves, set pieces, and team tactics to control possession and create scoring chances. Win each match to advance until you make it to the final.

Claim Your Prize

If you win or place highly in the tournament, you’ll win a portion of the prize pool in your Duelmasters wallet. You can then withdraw your winnings or use them to enter more tournaments. Placing well in multiple tournaments is a great way to build up your earnings over time through competitive EA FC 24 gameplay.

With practice and the right players, you’ll be dominating the all-female tournament scene in no time. Competing for real money adds an extra thrill to playing with your ultimate team. Give Duelmasters a try and see if you have what it takes to unlock the full potential of your female squad.

Female Players in EA Sports FC 24