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Valorant Tracker

Valorant Tracker

Hey you. Yeah, you. The one who’s been grinding in Valorant, trying to rank up and improve your skills. But it’s tough when you don’t have all the info, right? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret – the key to getting good fast is knowing your stats inside and out. And for that, you need Valorant Tracker. This guide will give you the lowdown on the best Valorant stats site, so you can analyze your performance like a pro. We’ll show you how to use Tracker to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on, spot trends in your gameplay, and track your rank ups. Whether you wanna break out of Iron or hit Radiant, Tracker’s got the stats you need to git gud. Stick with us, and we’ll turn you into a headshot machine in no time. Let’s go!

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What Is Valorant Tracker?

Valorant Tracker is the premier stats and ranking site for Valorant. It gives you an in-depth look at your performance in Riot Games’ popular FPS title.

Your Performance at a Glance

On Valorant Tracker, you’ll find stats for all your Valorant matches like kills, deaths, assists, score, and more. You can see your win rate with different agents, your headshot percentage, and how you stack up against other players. The site makes it easy to track your improvement over time so you can see what you need to work on to reach the next rank.

Compare Yourself to the Competition

One of the best features of Valorant Tracker is the ability to compare yourself to other players. You can see how you measure up against friends by entering their in-game names. You can also compare your stats to players of the same rank so you know what it will take to progress. Seeing your strengths and weaknesses relative to more skilled players is key to constant improvement.

In-Depth Match History

Valorant Tracker provides a complete match history showing stats from all your competitive games. You’ll see details like which map you played, the final score, your individual performance, and whether your team won or lost. Reviewing your match history is a great way to spot patterns in your gameplay and figure out what you’re doing right (and wrong). With this data, you can make a customized practice plan to strengthen your skills.

Overall, Valorant Tracker gives you invaluable insights into your gameplay so you can track your progress, find your weak points, and see how to improve. For any serious Valorant player looking to up their game, it’s an essential tool.

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The Best Valorant Tracker Sites in 2024


With Duelmasters, you can see your lifetime stats, match history, and leaderboards all in one place. They track stats for all game modes, from unrated to competitive to Spike Rush. You’ll get details on your kills, deaths, assists, score, and more. The best part is Duelmasters has an API that lets you see stats for your whole team so you can gain insights into how you work together.


Tracker.gg gives you an overview of your Valorant performance with stats on your matches, kills, deaths, assists, score and economy. They track stats for all game modes and ranks so you can analyze your performance over time. Tracker.gg also lets you see how you stack up against other players with global leaderboards for kills, assists and other metrics. The site is simple to use but provides in-depth stats for serious players.


Blitz.gg is a popular stats tracker that provides detailed performance analytics for Valorant. With Blitz.gg you can see stats on your kills, deaths, assists, score, damage, and economy for all game modes. They also give you insights into your performance on each map and with different agents. The ‘Personal Performance’ page shows how your stats stack up against players of your same rank. Blitz.gg is a great, free resource for analyzing your Valorant gameplay in depth.

With the top Valorant stat trackers, you’ll gain valuable insights into your gameplay so you can improve your skills and climb the ranks. See how you measure up, find your strengths and weaknesses, and track your progress over time. The right stats can help take your performance to the next level.

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How to Use Valorant Trackers to Improve Your Game

Check Your Stats

The first thing you want to do is look up your Valorant stats and see how you stack up. Valorant trackers like Tracker.gg and ValorantAPI.com allow you to enter your Riot ID and view details on your gameplay performance. You can see stats like your kills per match, headshot percentage, win rate, and more. Compare your stats to the average player to see where you need improvement. Maybe your win rate is low, or your kill-death ratio could use some work. Focus on concrete ways to boost these numbers.

Analyze Your Weapon Usage

Valorant has a variety of weapons, and the stats trackers break down how effective you are with each one. Check which guns you have the highest kill rate with and use them more often. See which ones you struggle with and practice to improve. For example, if you have a low kill percentage with the Operator, spend some time in the practice range mastering that long-range beast. The more comfortable you get with all the weapons, the more versatile you’ll be in matches.

Study the Maps

The maps in Valorant are intricate, with many nooks and crannies to navigate. Use the stats trackers to analyze your performance on each map. Maybe you have a higher win rate on Bind than you do on Ascent. Study the layout of Ascent to become more effective, focusing on callouts, angles, and strategies. The more you understand each map, the better you can anticipate enemy movements and outplay your opponents.

With regular analysis of your Valorant stats and performance, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to strengthen your skills. Keep practicing, focus on your problem areas, and watch as your stats start to improve over time. The key is consistency — keep checking your trackers to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. In no time, you’ll be dominating the arena!

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Valorant Tracker Site Features and Metrics Explained

Valorant Tracker is the premier stats tracking site for Valorant. It gives you an in-depth look at your performance and progression in the game. The site tracks your stats from both unrated and competitive matches, giving you metrics on your kills, deaths, assists, score, and more.

Individual Stats

On your Valorant Tracker profile, you’ll find stats for each of your agents, including K/D ratio, kills per round, win rate, and headshot percentage. You can see how you stack up against other players of the same rank. The site also gives you an overview of your career progression, showing your rank over each act and episode.

Match History

Valorant Tracker maintains a complete match history for your account. You can view details on each of your matches, like which map was played, the final score, and your personal performance. The match timeline shows your kills, deaths, assists, and other stats over the course of the game. You can also see info on your teammates and opponents in each match.


The Valorant Tracker leaderboards rank the top players in each region. You can filter by rank, agent, or other stats to see who comes out on top. While reaching the leaderboards may be a pipe dream for most players, they’re an interesting way to see some of the best players and strategies in Valorant.


Valorant Tracker was one of the first sites to offer heatmaps showing areas of high activity on each Valorant map. The heatmaps track stats like kills, deaths, damage dealt, and more. They’re a helpful resource to improve your map knowledge and see where the action typically happens.

With a wealth of stats, leaderboards, and other tools, Valorant Tracker is an invaluable resource for players looking to step up their game. By analyzing your performance and comparing yourself to other players, you’ll gain insights to improve your skills and climb the ranks.

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Valorant Tracker FAQs: Common Questions About Valorant Stats Sites

How accurate are Valorant stat tracker sites?

Stat tracking sites like Valorant Tracker and Tracker.gg pull data directly from Riot’s API, so the stats are as accurate as possible. Things like kills, deaths, assists, rank, and other concrete stats should be correct. However, some stats may be slightly off from time to time due to API issues. If something seems wildly incorrect, it’s best to double check it in-game.

Do I have to manually update my stats on Valorant Tracker?

Nope! Valorant Tracker and other stat sites automatically pull data from your in-game profile, so there’s no need to manually update anything. Your stats, match history, rank, and other info will update automatically after each match.

Can I see my stats from previous seasons or acts?

Unfortunately, no. Valorant stat tracking sites can only show stats from the current act or season. Stats from previous acts are not available through the API. The good news is that at the start of each new act, your stats will reset so you’ll have a fresh start to track your performance.

What stats do Valorant trackers show?

Valorant stat sites like Valorant Tracker show a wide range of stats, including:

  • Kills, deaths, K/D ratio and win rate
  • Total matches played, wins, and losses
  • Rank, ranking distribution, and rank rating
  • Agents played, kills, wins, and pick rate
  • Weapon stats like kills, deaths, hits, and accuracy
  • Match history showing kills, deaths, assists, and more for recent matches

These sites provide a helpful overview of your performance and stats for competitive play. Tracking your stats over time can show areas you’re improving in and skills that still need work.

Can I see my friends’ Valorant stats?

Yes, most Valorant stat trackers allow you to view stats for other players by entering their Riot ID. You can compare stats with friends, see how you rank against them, and even follow their match history to see how they’re performing. Viewing other players’ stats is a great way to pick up tips and improve your own game.

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Dive into Duelmasters Cash Competitions for Valorant

As a Valorant player, you’ve probably wondered how to turn your skills into cold hard cash. Look no further than Duelmasters, a platform dedicated to hosting high-stakes Valorant tournaments with significant prize pools.

Weekly Tournaments

Duelmasters hosts weekly Valorant tournaments where you can compete for real money. Both solos and teams are welcome to join the fray. The buy-ins are affordable but the prize pools can be quite lucrative. It’s the perfect chance for competitive players to show off their skills and potentially win big.

Hone Your Skills

There’s no better way to improve at Valorant than by playing against other highly-skilled opponents. Duelmasters tournaments are filled with players at the top of their game, so you’ll need to bring your A-game. Over time, competing in these events week after week will drastically improve your gameplay.

Monetize Your Talent

For pro Valorant players, Duelmasters provides an opportunity to monetize your skills. If you end up winning one of their sizable prize pools, that’s money directly in your pocket. Even if you don’t take first place, placing well can still earn you cash. This allows talented players to compete as a job and potentially turn pro.

While Duelmasters focuses primarily on Valorant, they also host tournaments for other popular esports titles. If you play games like CS:GO, Overwatch or League of Legends at a high level, you may want to check those out as well. Duelmasters aims to give competitive gamers a platform to do what they do best while vying for real financial rewards. If you think you have what it takes, there’s no reason not to throw your hat in the ring. The potential payouts are huge, and you’ll get invaluable experience competing at the highest levels.

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So there you have it, everything you need to know about Valorant Tracker for 2024. Whether you’re a new player getting started or a veteran looking to up your game, this site has the stats, leaderboards, and insights to help take you to the next level. Just remember, having all the information in the world won’t make you a Radiant player overnight. But used right, these tools give you an edge to spot weaknesses, counter enemies, and track your improvement over time. Stick with it, keep practicing, and let Valorant Tracker be your trusty companion giving you the intel you need to climb those ranks. Now get out there, keep grinding, and show your skills in Night Market this year!

Valorant Tracker Your 2024 Guide