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Shotzzy MW3 Settings

Shotzzy MW3 Settings

You might remember the glory days of Modern Warfare 3 back in the early 2010s. At the top of the leaderboards was one name that stood out from the rest – Shotzzy. His lightning reflexes and pinpoint accuracy made him a force to be reckoned with. Now, over a decade later, Shotzzy’s MW3 settings and loadout have taken on an almost legendary status in the Call of Duty community. Everyone wanted to know – what was the secret sauce? In this article, we’ll take a nostalgic trip back to MW3 and explore Shotzzy’s iconic config. From mouse sensitivity to perk selection, we’ll break down the settings that enabled his domination. For devotees of the early COD titles, this is a rare chance to peer behind the curtain and understand what gave Shotzzy his competitive edge. So plug in your old Xbox 360, queue up some MW3 gameplay, and get ready for a fascinating glimpse into Shotzzy’s setup. It just might improve your own game.

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Shotzzy’s Background and Success in MW3

Shotzzy started gaming at a young age and quickly rose to fame playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

His Early Years

Born in 2002, Shotzzy grew up playing COD with his dad and older brother. By age 12, he was competing in local LAN tournaments and making a name for himself.

Turning Pro at 14

At just 14 years old, Shotzzy went pro and joined his first org, Team EnVyUs. With EnVyUs, Shotzzy dominated MW3 tournaments and gained international recognition.

Back-to-Back Championships

In 2018 and 2019, Shotzzy led EnVyUs to win the Duelmasters North American MW3 Championships. His quickscope and dropshot skills were unmatched, earning him MVP both years.

A Legend is Born

With two championships under his belt before age 18, Shotzzy became known as the “Michael Jordan of MW3.” His fast-paced run-and-gun style and ability to take over matches established him as an icon for MW3 fans and aspiring esports athletes worldwide.

Continuing to Inspire

Though Shotzzy has since moved on to compete in newer COD titles, he’s still renowned for his time dominating MW3. His passion, skill, and showmanship in those early years inspired a generation of quickscopers and cemented his status as an esports legend. Shotzzy’s MW3 reign lives on forever in highlight reels and the memories of fans lucky enough to witness his mastery in real time.

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Shotzzy’s Sensitivity and Controller Settings in MW3

If you want to dominate like Shotzzy did back in MW3, you’ll need to configure your controller just right. Shotzzy was known for his lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy, and his sensitivity and controller settings were key.

A High Sensitivity

Shotzzy played on an insanely high sensitivity, around 15-20. This allowed him to turn on a dime and snap onto targets in the blink of an eye. It took a lot of practice to get used to, but it gave him a huge advantage in close quarters and when getting shot from behind. If you want to replicate his playstyle, start at 10-15 and work your way up as you improve.

Default Button Layout

Unlike many pros, Shotzzy stuck with the default button layout. He felt it provided the most intuitive controls for the game’s mechanics. The default layout in MW3 also gave full mobility, allowing you to jump, dropshot, and strafe smoothly in combat. Unless you have a physical limitation, the default controls are your best option.

Standard Controller

Shotzzy used a standard Xbox 360 controller to dominate MW3. While some players opted for modded controllers with extra paddles or buttons, Shotzzy felt these provided little benefit for a game like MW3. According to him, precision and reaction time were far more important than any fancy controller. Sticking with a regular Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller is your best bet if you want to emulate Shotzzy’s legendary skills.

With the right sensitivity, default controls, and a standard controller, you’ll be well on your way to dominating MW3 just like the legendary Shotzzy. Practice makes perfect, so get out there and put in the hours! In no time, you’ll be giving opponents nightmares of your own.

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Shotzzy’s Loadout: The Best MW3 Guns, Perks and Equipment

Primary: MP7

The MP7 submachine gun was Shotzzy’s weapon of choice for close-quarters combat in MW3. Its high rate of fire, low recoil, and quick aim-down-sight time made it ideal for run-and-gun playstyles. Shotzzy would equip the MP7 with attachments like Rapid Fire, Extended Mags, and Steady Aim to maximize its effectiveness.

Secondary: USP .45

As a solid sidearm, Shotzzy used the USP .45 pistol. Its high damage and accuracy provided backup when his primary MP7 ran out of ammo. The USP .45’s quick draw time also allowed for fast weapon switches in tense situations.


For perks, Shotzzy ran:

  • Quickdraw Pro: Faster aim-down-sight times for reactive plays.
  • Hardline Pro: Earn killstreaks faster to control the map.
  • Stalker Pro: Move faster while aiming for aggressive pushes.


To round out his loadout, Shotzzy used:

  • Semtex grenades: Quickly eliminate enemies behind cover.
  • Flash grenades: Temporarily blind enemies for easy kills.
  • Tactical Insertion: Respawn closer to objectives and the action.

Shotzzy was a pioneer for fast, reactionary playstyles in MW3 thanks to this finely-tuned loadout. Each element synergized to give him speed, power, and control for dominating matches. Aspiring players can follow Shotzzy’s tried-and-true formula to find success in MW3 today.

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How to Mimic Shotzzy’s Playstyle and Movement in MW3

Shotzzy is known for his fast and erratic movement in MW3, so to emulate his playstyle, you’ll need to focus on speed and unpredictability. 

Master the sprint button. 

Double tap the sprint button to dash and slide around corners, making yourself a difficult target. Slide into and out of cover, and slide sideways during gunfights to throw off your opponent’s aim.

Jump and dropshot.

While sprinting, tap the jump button to bunny hop around the map. This makes you harder to hit and allows you to clear obstacles quickly. When firing at enemies, drop to the prone position by holding the crouch button. This “dropshot” technique radically changes your hitbox and gives you better accuracy, allowing you to win more 1v1s.

Flank whenever possible.

Rather than running directly at the enemy team, try to flank around the sides of the map. Shotzzy frequently got behind enemy lines by flanking and caught teams by surprise. Choose loadouts with silenced weapons and the Dead Silence perk to flank stealthily. Catching enemies from behind or the side is key to mimicking Shotzzy’s high-intensity playstyle.

Play aggressively.

Shotzzy played very aggressively, constantly pushing forward and applying pressure. Don’t camp or hold back – get in the enemy’s face whenever possible. Play aggressively but also smartly, using cover and your mobility to avoid getting killed needlessly. An aggressive playstyle, especially when combined with advanced movement, will allow you to rack up high kill games and carry your team to victory, just like the MW3 legend himself.

Following these tips to improve your speed, movement, and aggression will have you playing like Shotzzy in no time. His legendary MW3 performance has inspired players for years, and now you can emulate his playstyle and experience the thrill of high-level Call of Duty for yourself.

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FAQs About Shotzzy’s MW3 Settings

What console did Shotzzy play MW3 on?

Shotzzy played MW3 competitively on the Xbox 360. At the time, the Xbox 360 was the dominant console for Call of Duty esports. Shotzzy used an Xbox 360 controller, but nowadays many pro players use a SCUF or BattleBeaver controller for the extra paddles and trigger stops.

Did Shotzzy play MW3 with a monitor or TV?

For competitive play, Shotzzy used a BenQ gaming monitor, likely either a 24 or 27 inch model with a 1ms response time. Gaming monitors provide faster response times than regular TVs which can introduce input lag. Reducing input lag is crucial for fast-paced FPS games like MW3.

What were Shotzzy’s sensitivity settings?

Shotzzy played on a medium to high sensitivity, around 6-8 for both horizontal and vertical. This allowed for fast turns and target acquisition while still maintaining accuracy. His ADS sensitivity was slightly lower, around 0.75-0.9. These sensitivities would be considered on the higher end for most casual players but were not uncommon for pro level play where reaction times and flick shots mattered most.

Did Shotzzy use any mods or hacks?

No, Shotzzy did not use any unauthorized mods or hacks while competing. Doing so would have been against MLG rules and damaged the integrity of competition. Shotzzy relied solely on his natural skill and team coordination to dominate MW3 tournaments. His legendary status was earned through hard work and mastery of MW3’s core mechanics.

While Shotzzy’s MW3 settings and loadouts were tailored to his skill level and playstyle, following his example can help guide you to find a configuration that matches your own abilities. The keys are practicing consistently, analyzing what works and what doesn’t for you, and making gradual tweaks to aim for peak performance.

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So there you have it. Shotzzy’s MW3 settings that took the CoD world by storm back in the day. Pretty wild how precise and calculated his choices were even then. Sure, some adjustments here and there over the years as the meta evolved. But the core of his loadout stayed true to form. Now you’ve got everything you need to try walking a mile in Shotzzy’s shoes. Give his settings and loadout a spin for yourself if you want to party like it’s 2011. Who knows – you might just catch lightning in a bottle and go on a tear. Even if not, you’ll be rocking a piece of CoD history. A setup crafted by one of the greats when he was just getting started.

Shotzzy MW3 Settings and Loadout in 2024