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Is Fortnite Cross Platform?

Is Fortnite Cross Platform

You’re a diehard Fortnite fan who lives and breathes the game. But your squad is split across platforms – some on PC, others on Xbox and PlayStation. You want to drop Tilted Towers together, but will cross platform support let you? We’ve got you covered. This guide will explain everything you need to know about crossplay in Fortnite. We’ll break down how cross platform works on all the major systems in 2024. Plus we’ll give tips on how to enable crossplay and squad up with friends on different platforms. Whether you’re a veteran trying to connect consoles or a new player looking to join the cross platform party, you’ll learn all the latest details here. So ready up and let’s dive into the world of Fortnite crossplay.

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What Is Cross Platform Play?

Cross platform play means gamers on different gaming platforms can play together. For example, Fortnite players on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices can all join the same match and play together.

How Does It Work?

Fortnite’s cross platform play uses Epic Games’ Epic Online Services to connect players across platforms. When you log into Fortnite, your Epic Games account links your profile and purchases across all the platforms you play on. So if you unlock a new skin on Xbox, you’ll have it on Switch and mobile too.

What Are The Benefits?

Cross platform play is great because you can team up with all your friends, no matter what gaming platforms they prefer. If you switch from console to PC, you won’t lose your progress or have to start over. You can pick up right where you left off.

Cross platform play also means faster matchmaking since the player pool is bigger. You’ll get into games faster and with more similarly-skilled opponents.

Are There Any Downsides?

Some players feel that certain input methods, like keyboard and mouse, provide an advantage over controllers. But Fortnite’s matchmaking system aims to pair players of equal skill, regardless of platform or input method.

While full cross platform play wasn’t always possible due to technical limitations and commercial interests, Fortnite helped pioneer broad support across platforms. And that’s great news for gamers everywhere who just want to play together. So squad up with your friends and dive into the action!

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Is Fortnite Cross Platform in 2024?

The good news is, yes! Fortnite has had full cross-platform support since early 2020.

As an avid Fortnite player in 2024, you can squad up and play matches with friends on PC, console, and mobile. No longer are the days of being separated by platforms. With cross-platform parties, you and your crew can finally team up for Victory Royales and experience all the latest LTMs together, no matter what system you play on.

How do you enable cross platform play in Fortnite?

It’s simple. First, in the settings menu, enable “Cross Platform Play”. This allows you to matchmake with players on other platforms.

Next, to invite friends on other platforms to your party, you’ll need to add them as an Epic Friend. Have your buddy share their Epic Username or Gamertag with you, then send them a friend request. Once they accept, you’ll see them pop up in your Friends List in-game and can invite them to join your lobby!

What are the benefits of cross platform play?

Cross platform play in Fortnite opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can squad up with old friends who have different gaming systems or team up with new players you meet that main a different platform. Cross platform also means faster matchmaking, more competitive games, and shorter queue times since the player pool is so much larger.

Overall, cross platform play in Fortnite revolutionized the way we play and brought millions of gamers from around the world together. In 2024, Fortnite’s cross platform support is stronger than ever, and the future looks bright. Game on!

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Cross Platform Between PC and Consoles

Console players, rejoice! Fortnite now supports full cross platform play between PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. This means players on any of these platforms can squad up together and battle it out on the island.

PC and Console Matchmaking

If you’re on PC and want to play with friends on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll need to enable cross platform play in your Epic account settings. Then invite your console buddies to your party and you’ll automatically be matched into cross platform squads and matches. Your PC controls and graphics will give you an advantage, but console auto-aim will help level the playing field.

Voice Chat

To talk with squadmates on different platforms, you’ll all need to join the same voice channel. On PC, you can use the built-in Fortnite voice chat. PS4 and Xbox One players can use their console’s party chat feature. Make sure everyone has their mic on and volumes turned up so you can coordinate your drop spot, call out enemy locations, and celebrate those Victory Royales together.

While full cross platform play is now supported in Fortnite, there are a few small limitations. Players on different platforms will be unable to share friend codes or see each other’s online status in the Epic Launcher. And unfortunately, cross platform gifting of Battle Pass tiers or V-Bucks is not possible at this time. But these are minor trade-offs for the ability to squad up with all your friends, no matter what system they play on.

Overall, the rollout of full cross platform play in Fortnite is a huge win for players everywhere. Now the only thing that determines your squad is your friendship, not what platform you play on. So get out there, enable cross platform in your settings, and start collecting those Victory Royales with friends across the world! The future of gaming is cross platform, and Fortnite is leading the charge.

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Mobile and Console Cross Platform Support

Fortnite has come a long way in enabling cross platform play since its initial release. In 2024, mobile and console gamers can finally squad up together for duos and squads matches. Whether you play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or a mobile device like an Android phone or iPhone, you’ll be able to join your friends for matches and see how your skills stack up against players on other platforms.

To enable cross platform play on mobile or console, you’ll need to first link your Epic Games account. This can be done by signing in on Fortnite with the account you use on your preferred gaming platform. Once your accounts are linked, you’ll see your friend list and be able to invite players on other platforms to join your lobby. In the lobby, check each player’s icon to see what platform they’re on before readying up.

Cross platform play opens up more opportunities to play with friends and a larger pool of players for matchmaking. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Players on PC typically have an advantage due to the precision of keyboard and mouse controls as well as generally higher frame rates. Mobile players will be at the biggest disadvantage due to touchscreen controls and performance limitations. Skill-based matchmaking will try to group players of equal ability, but cross platform matches may still feel unbalanced at times.

Voice chat is also supported across platforms so you can talk with your squad in game. Not all features may be available when partied up cross platform though, such as sharing game clips or streaming your gameplay. There are also restrictions on trading in-game cosmetic items across platforms. But for simply playing together, Fortnite’s cross platform support has come a long way in enabling more players to link up, no matter what device they play on. Overall, the future looks bright for cross platform play in Fortnite.

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Cross Platform Parties and Lobbies

Cross-platform play means you can squad up with friends on different gaming platforms to play Fortnite together. In 2024, Fortnite supports full cross-platform functionality between PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.### Partying up with friends across platforms To play with friends on other platforms, you’ll first need to add them as Epic Friends in Fortnite. Open your Friends List and select “Add Epic Friend.” Enter their Epic username or the email address associated with their Epic account. Once they’ve accepted your friend request, you’ll see them in your Friends List.

Joining your cross-platform friends

With your cross-platform friends added, invite them to join your party or lobby. Go to your Friends List, select your friend, then choose “Invite to Party” or “Join Party.” If they send you an invite, you’ll receive a notification to join their party.

Partying up with cross-platform friends unlocks the full Fortnite experience. You can play battle royale matches, complete Save the World missions, build creative islands together, compete in tournaments, and just hang out.

Some restrictions may apply

While most core Fortnite features support cross-platform play, some platform-specific features may not. For example, voice chat may be limited to those on the same platform. And certain competitive events and tournaments may be platform-locked. But in general, you’ll be able to enjoy Fortnite with all your friends, no matter what systems you each play on.

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Weekly Competitions

Duelmasters hosts weekly Fortnite tournaments with cash prizes up to $500. Anyone can join—all you need is a Duelmasters account and to meet the eligibility criteria for your region. The tournaments are open to players on any platform, so whether you play on PC, console, or mobile, you’ve got a shot at the prize.

How Tournaments Work

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Build Your Skills

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So there you have it – Fortnite cross platform play is fully supported in 2024 across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and mobile. You can squad up and battle royale with all your friends, no matter what device they game on. Pretty sweet! With cross platform lobbies and account syncing across devices, you can play on the go or at home. Just link your Epic Games account and you’re good to go. In a world where gaming can feel divided, Fortnite brings everyone together. Cross platform support is a huge win for the community. See you on the island!

Is Fortnite Cross Platform Play Supported in 2024