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How to Score from Corners in EA FC 24

Corners in EA FC 24

In EA FC 24, scoring from corners can be a game-changer, and mastering this skill is essential for players looking to elevate their gameplay. This guide will explore strategies, techniques, and tips to help you become a corner-kick specialist in EA FC 24, enhancing your chances of scoring from EA FC 24 corners and defending against them.

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Selecting the Appropriate Players: how to take corners in EA Sports 24

When aiming to score from corners in EA FC 24, mastering the art of player selection for corner kicks is crucial. Here are some detailed tips on how to score corners in EA FC 24 and make the best player selections:

    • Player Attributes: Look for players with high attributes in Crossing, Curve, and Long Passing, as these determine the accuracy and trajectory of the corner kick, increasing the chances of finding a teammate in a scoring position.

    • Preferred Foot: Select players with a strong foot that matches the side of the corner kick for better control and accuracy.

    • Height and Strength: Taller players with good strength can be effective in the box, as they can outmuscle defenders and win headers.

    • Player Roles: Consider players who excel in aerial duels or have the “Target Man” or “Power Header” player traits.

    • Customization: Take advantage of the game’s customization options to create specialized corner kick takers.

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    Master the approach and learn how to score from corners in EA FC 24

    Mastering the art of corner kicks in EA FC 24 can significantly improve your goal-scoring opportunities. Here are some effective methods to perfect your corner kicking strategy:

      • Player Selection: Choose players with high Crossing, Curve, and Long Passing attributes to ensure accurate and precise corner kicks.

      • Delivery: Vary your delivery by using different power levels and spin to keep the defenders guessing. Experiment with different types of corner kicks such as inswingers, outswingers, or driven corners.

      • Player Movement: Utilize the player switch button to position your players strategically in the box. Use manual control to trigger runs and direct your players towards open spaces or exploit defensive weaknesses.

      • Set Plays: Pre-plan set plays by assigning specific roles to players and utilizing tactics such as short corners, near-post flick-ons, or back-post runs.

      • Practice and Experiment: Spend time practicing corner kicks in training modes to refine your technique and understand the mechanics of the game.

      Guarding Against Corners in EA FC 24

      Defending against corners in EA FC 24 is equally crucial. Here are some useful tips to help you effectively defend against corner kicks:

        • Player Positioning: Prioritize positioning your defenders strategically in the box. Place taller players with good Heading Accuracy and Jumping attributes near the goal to contest headers.

        • Zonal Marking: Opt for zonal marking as your defensive strategy for corner kicks. Assign defenders to specific zones in the box to ensure coverage and minimize gaps.

        • Tracking Runs: Pay close attention to attacking players making runs into the box. Anticipate their movements and track their runs to prevent them from getting free headers or clear shots on goal.

        • Clearances and Interceptions: Time your clearances and interceptions effectively. Use the clearance button to get the ball out of danger quickly.

        • Goalkeeper Command: Utilize the goalkeeper command to control your goalkeeper during corner kicks, moving your goalkeeper to narrow the angles.

        • Communication and Teamwork: Coordinate with your teammates to ensure effective communication and teamwork during corner kicks.

        • Practice and Analysis: Regularly practice defending against corner kicks in training modes to improve your timing, positioning, and decision-making.

        By implementing these strategies and practicing consistently, you can significantly improve your ability to score from corners and defend against them in EA FC 24.

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        Last Thoughts

        In conclusion, you learned how to score corners in EA FC 24 and this can be a game-changer in your virtual soccer journey. As a Duelmasters, you understand the importance of both offensive and defensive strategies when it comes to corner kicks.

        From the offensive perspective, selecting the right players for corner kicks, focusing on attributes like Crossing and Curve, and utilizing player movement and set plays can significantly increase your scoring opportunities. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Virgil van Dijk, and Sergio Ramos are known for their prowess in converting EA FC 24 corners into goals.

        On the defensive end, prioritizing player positioning, marking opponents effectively, timing clearances and interceptions, and utilizing goalkeeper command can help thwart your opponents’ corner kick attempts. Communication and teamwork among your defenders are crucial to maintaining a solid defensive structure.

        Remember, practice makes perfect. Regularly practicing corner kicks and analyzing your performance will help you refine your skills and develop a successful strategy.

        So, step onto the virtual pitch, implement these useful tips, and become a Duelmasters of corner kicks in EA FC 24. With dedication and skill, you’ll be on your way to scoring and defending corners like a true champion.

        Corners in EA Sports FC 24