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Fall Guys Cosmetic Items

Fall Guys Cosmetic Items

As Fall Guys fans, we’re always on the lookout for the coolest new costumes to unlock and show off in-game. There’s nothing more satisfying than strutting into a match wearing a ridiculous outfit that makes your opponents burst out laughing. In this guide, we’ll spill the beans on all the wackiest and most wonderful cosmetic items and outfits available in Fall Guys, as well as tips for unlocking them. Get ready to discover the secrets to decking out your bean in style from head to toe! Whether you want to dress up as a pirate, a dinosaur, or a giant hot dog, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and start exploring all the awesome cosmetic unlocks that will take your Fall Guys fashion to the next level!

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The Basics: What Are Cosmetic Items in Fall Guys?

We all want our little Fall Guy or Gal to stand out in the crowd, right? Well, cosmetic items are how you can customize your bean’s look and really show off your style.

There are several types of cosmetics to unlock:


Full outfits change your bean from head to toe. There are cute animal costumes, stylish suits, and wacky holiday getups. The possibilities are endless! Our favorite outfit is definitely the dinosaur – who doesn’t want to be an adorable little T-Rex?


Faceplates let you swap your bean’s default face for something more unique. Want a mustache or cool glasses? There are funny and silly faceplates for any mood.

Colors and Patterns

If full outfits aren’t your thing, you can simply change your bean’s color or add some fun patterns. With options like zebra print, camo, and shiny gold, you’ll be the best-dressed bean around.

Emotes and Celebrations

Emotes and celebrations let your bean express themselves. Wave hello to other players, cheer when you win, or just dance the day away. Emotes are a great way to add more personality to your bean.

There are new cosmetics added every season, so keep playing to unlock them all! Customizing your little bean is one of the best parts of Fall Guys. With so many hilarious and over-the-top options to choose from, you’ll have a blast creating a look that perfectly suits your style. Now get out there and start earning some kudos to deck out your bean in the coolest cosmetics!

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Earning Kudos to Unlock Cosmetics

We love unlocking new outfits and showing off our style in Fall Guys. The good news is, there are tons of ways to earn Kudos and unlock sweet new cosmetics!

Play Matches

Simply participating in matches, whether you win or lose, will earn you Kudos. The more you play, the more you’ll rack up to spend on outfits, colors, patterns and more. Play solo, team up with friends, compete in challenges – any mode will do the trick!

Level Up Your Account

As your account levels up by gaining experience from playing matches, you’ll earn bonus Kudos. The higher your level, the bigger the bonus. Before you know it, you’ll have enough Kudos for that legendary costume you’ve had your eye on.

Complete Challenges

Challenges are mini quests that task you with achieving certain goals, like qualifying from a race round three times or grabbing five opponents. Complete the objectives to earn Kudos, crowns and even special cosmetic items. New challenges unlock each week, so keep playing to access them all.

With all these ways to earn Kudos, you’ll be styling a new outfit in no time! Whether you want to dress up as a pineapple, hot dog or dinosaur, the possibilities are endless. Keep playing, unlocking and customizing – the Fall Guys cosmetic game is strong. Now get out there and earn those Kudos, you’ve got a whole wardrobe to build!

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Limited-Time Events and Challenges

We love the special events and challenges in Fall Guys because they give us a chance to unlock exclusive new cosmetic items! The devs are always adding fun limited-time modes and events to keep things interesting.

Seasonal Events

Each new season of Fall Guys brings fresh events and challenges. Last Halloween, we got to play spooky survival rounds to unlock jack-o’-lantern and skeleton costumes. For the winter event, we braved icy obstacle courses to get our mittens on sweet penguin and yeti outfits. The best part is, if you miss an event, don’t worry—the devs usually bring back old favorites so new players can join in the fun!

Community Challenges

Sometimes the Fall Guys team will issue community challenges over a weekend to unlock a new costume. We all have to work together to complete a huge number of games or earn a total amount of crowns. When we hit the targets, everyone who participated gets the prize! It’s a great way for us to come together as a community and also snag an exclusive outfit. Last time we unlocked a cool astronaut costume by playing 10 million games together in just 3 days!

Twitch Rivals

If you love Fall Guys and watching streamers, Twitch Rivals events are for you! Top streamers face off in custom Fall Guys matches and challenges, and viewers can earn special in-game rewards just for watching and cheering them on. We’ve unlocked some really unique outfits from Twitch Rivals like the Golden Hotdog costume and Glizzy Gladiator outfit.

Keep an eye on the Fall Guys social media for announcements about new limited-time events and community challenges. Complete the challenges and you’ll be rocking some of the rarest and coolest cosmetic items in the game before you know it! The devs are always coming up with new ways for us to unlock outfits and show off our Fall Guys pride.

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Purchasing Item Shop Cosmetics

Fall Guys fans, rejoice—the Item Shop is open for business! This is where we can unlock some of the coolest cosmetic items and outfits in the game. The shop refreshes with new inventory daily, so be sure to check back often. You never know when your favorite pattern or color might become available.

When you first start playing, you’ll have a limited amount of Kudos, the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to earn more Kudos just by playing the game. Complete challenges, level up your character, and win Crowns in matches to fill your Kudos purse. Before you know it, you’ll have enough to outfit your bean in style!

The Item Shop features both patterned and solid color variations of the same cosmetic items. If you prefer loud and flashy, go for one of the patterned options. Feeling more minimalist? Choose a solid color that matches your mood. With new items appearing each day, your options are endless.

Once you’ve purchased an item, it’s added to your cosmetic inventory permanently. This means you can equip and unequip items as often as you like to create new looks. Get creative and mix different patterns and colors to make a truly unique outfit.

There’s no better way to show off your awesome fashion sense than by qualifying for the final round. Make it to the crown level and you’ll get to parade your custom Fall Guy in front of 59 other players. Who knows, you might even end up on the victory screen for all the world to see!

We can’t wait to see what stylish new cosmetics the Item Shop will offer next. Keep earning those Kudos and checking back daily. With the right outfit, your bean will be the most fashionable one tumbling down the course. Happy shopping, Fall Guys fans! The future of fashion is here.

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Showing Off Your Style: Tips for Combining Cosmetic Items

Mix and match tops and bottoms

We love playing dress up with our bean guys! There are so many wacky and whimsical tops, bottoms, and accessories to choose from in the Fall Guys shop. Don’t be afraid to mix a silly top like the hot dog costume with a more subdued bottom like the default shorts. The combinations are endless and half the fun is seeing what zany outfits you can put together.

Coordinate colors and themes

Do you have a favorite color or animal? We like to pick a theme like food, space, or nature and find cosmetic items in those colors or styles. For example, you could do an all red outfit with the hot dog top, tomato bottom, and chili pepper backpack. Or create an underwater sea creature look using the shark top, lobster bottom, and starfish backpack. Coordinating your outfit around a theme is an easy way to look stylish on the course.

Accessorize for extra flair

Hats, backpacks, nameplates, and emotes are great ways to complete your look and show off your personality. The hula skirt emote paired with a grass skirt bottom is perfect for a luau party vibe. A silly hat like the bean or mushroom cap tops off any outfit. And a clever nameplate, like “Hot Dog Hero” or “Lobster Lover” ties the whole look together. Don’t forget victory emotes for when you cross the finish line in style!

We have so much fun dressing our little Fall Guys and seeing what kooky outfits we can put together from all the cosmetic items. Mixing and matching, choosing a fun theme, and adding accessories are easy ways to create a stylish look for your bean guy. Now get out there and unleash your inner fashion designer! The sillier and wackier the outfit the better.

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And that’s how you unlock all the best costumes and cosmetics in Fall Guys! With so many wacky outfits to choose from, we can’t wait to squad up and cause some bean-filled chaos in matching duds. Whether you want to be a hungry hot dog, a funky pineapple, or a suave velociraptor, Fall Guys has you covered. The cosmetics really let you put your own spin on the little jellybean guys. So get out there, dive into the rounds, and start collecting those crowns to expand your wardrobe! With new seasons and costumes coming all the time, we’ll never get tired of dressing up our beans for battle. The costumes are just one more reason Fall Guys is so fun and such a blast to play with friends. We can’t wait to see you all out there in the craziest getups! Now let’s get rolling towards that next hilarious victory royale together!

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