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EA Sports FC 24: Mastering the Art of Controlled Sprinting

EA FC 24  Mastering the Art of Controlled Sprinting

EA Sports FC 24 has introduced the latest game-changing feature: Controlled Sprint. In this article, we’ll delve into how to controlled sprint in EA FC 24. This new addition grants players enhanced control and precision, revolutionizing gameplay dynamics. In this guide, we’ll explore how to master Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24, elevating your strategic prowess on the pitch.

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What Does Controlled Sprint Entail in EA Sports FC 24?

FC 24 Controlled Sprint redefines the traditional sprint, offering players a balanced blend of speed and control. With this mechanic, maneuvering through tight spaces and outsmarting opponents becomes more intuitive. To engage Controlled Sprint, simply hold down R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox consoles.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Control: Unlike standard sprinting, Controlled Sprint allows players to maintain possession more effectively, offering greater ball control.
  • Agile Movement: Changing directions seamlessly becomes second nature with Controlled Sprint, empowering players to create openings and retain possession in critical moments.
  • Synergy with Explosive Sprint: By seamlessly combining both sprint types, players can outmaneuver defenders with a strategic mix of controlled and explosive bursts.

Optimized PlayStyles:

  • Certain PlayStyles like First Touch Control, Speed Dribbler, or Fast Break excel further with Controlled Sprint, maximizing speed and precision for those utilizing this mechanic.

Player Attributes:

  • Players boasting high acceleration witness the greatest benefits from Controlled Sprint, rendering it particularly effective against defensively-minded opponents.


  • EA Sports FC 24 is compatible across various platforms including PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One

In essence, FC 24 Controlled Sprint introduces a refined dimension to sprinting, empowering players with unprecedented control and strategic adaptability. Embrace this feature to navigate the field with precision, forging a more immersive and captivating gameplay experience in EA Sports FC 24.

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A Guide: How to Use Controlled Sprint in EA FC 24

To execute the Controlled Sprint in EA Sports FC 24, follow these steps:

  1. Console Input:
    • On PlayStation: Hold down the R1 button.
    • On Xbox: Hold down the RB button.
  2. Timing:
    • Begin holding down the designated button when you want to initiate the Controlled Sprint. This can be during a dribble, when making a run, or when navigating through congested areas of the field.
  3. Execution:
    • While holding down the designated button, your player will transition into the Controlled Sprint, allowing for a more controlled and agile movement without sacrificing too much speed.
  4. Combining with Other Moves:
    • Experiment with combining the Controlled Sprint with other mechanics such as skill moves, changes of direction, and explosive sprints to create unpredictable and dynamic movements on the field.
  5. Practice:
    • Spend time practicing the Controlled Sprint in different scenarios to familiarize yourself with its nuances and to understand how it can be effectively integrated into your overall gameplay strategy.

By mastering the EA Sports FC 24 Controlled Sprint mechanic, players can add a new layer of finesse and precision to their gameplay, enabling them to navigate the field with enhanced control and agility in EA Sports FC 24.

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How to controlled sprint in EA FC 24 effectively in Attack and Defense

When employing Controlled Sprint in an offensive capacity in EA Sports FC 24, consider the following key advice:

Timing and Angle Selection:

  • Timing: Initiate Controlled Sprint when approaching defenders to better control your movement and create opportunities to bypass them with well-timed bursts of speed.
  • Angle Selection: Choose angles that allow you to exploit gaps in the defense, using Controlled Sprint to maneuver into advantageous positions for shooting or passing.

Incorporating Feints and Changes of Direction:

  • Use Controlled Sprint in combination with skill moves, feints, and changes of direction to deceive defenders and create space for a shot on goal or to set up a teammate in a scoring position.

Maintaining Awareness:

  • Stay conscious of your teammates’ positions and movements to effectively link up play while using Controlled Sprint, enabling you to orchestrate cohesive attacking maneuvers.

Using Controlled Sprint Effectively in Defense

When deploying Controlled Sprint in a defensive role, keep the following advice in mind to maximize its effectiveness:

Timely Defensive Interventions:

  • Utilize Controlled Sprint to swiftly close down opponents, intercept passes, or track back to cover defensive gaps, maintaining a balance between speed and control to disrupt the opposition’s attacking play.

Reading the Game:

  • Anticipate the movements of opposing attackers and use Controlled Sprint to position yourself optimally, denying them space and time on the ball while minimizing the risk of being caught out of position.

Team Coordination:

  • Coordinate with your teammates to apply pressure collectively, using Controlled Sprint to harry opponents and regain possession while maintaining defensive shape and organization.

By adhering to these guidelines and adapting Controlled Sprint to suit offensive and defensive situations, players can elevate their performance on both ends of the pitch, adding depth and strategy to their gameplay in EA Sports FC 24.

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Conclusion: Tips for Mastering Controlled Sprints in EA FC 24

From the perspective of the Duelmasters, mastering Controlled Sprints in EA FC 24 is pivotal for achieving success on the virtual pitch. To optimize your sprinting techniques, consider the following advice:

Patience Before Initiating a Sprint:

  • Exercise patience and discernment before initiating a sprint, as timing and context are crucial. Controlled Sprint can offer a tactical advantage when used at the right moment.

Utilizing Controlled Sprinting in Open Spaces:

  • Capitalize on open spaces by using Controlled Sprint to cover ground efficiently while maintaining ball control, enabling you to exploit gaps in the opposition’s defense.

Varying Sprinting Speeds to Outmaneuver Defenders:

  • Vary your sprinting speeds to outmaneuver defenders, employing Controlled Sprint to navigate through congested areas and then transitioning into explosive sprints to accelerate past opponents.

Maintaining Defensive Responsibilities:

  • Even when using Controlled Sprint in attack, maintain defensive responsibilities by quickly transitioning back to defensive positioning when possession is lost, ensuring a balanced approach to both phases of play.

Avoiding Overuse of Skill Moves:

  • Refrain from overusing skill moves while in possession, as Controlled Sprint can be leveraged to create space and opportunities without relying excessively on flashy maneuvers that may lead to turnovers.

By internalizing these principles and integrating them into your gameplay, you can elevate your mastery of Controlled Sprints in EA FC 24, enhancing your ability to navigate the field with finesse, precision, and strategic acumen.

EA Sports FC 24 Mastering the Art of Controlled Sprinting