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Console Commands in Counter-Strike 2

Console Commands in Counter-Strike 2

You’re a Counter-Strike 2 player looking to up your game and get those sweet frags, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The console in CS2 is jam-packed with commands to give you an edge. Want to get a bird’s eye view of Dust2? There’s a command for that. Feel like trolling your teammate with some slaps? Oh yeah, we’ve got you covered. This article will walk you through the most essential console commands for domination. You’ll be popping heads and planting bombs before you can say “rcon_password.” So plug in that keyboard and get ready to enter some cheat codes – err, I mean “console commands.” With these bad boys, you’ll be clutching 1v5s in no time. The only question is: are you ready to take your CS2 skills to the next level?

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Introduction to Console Commands in Counter-Strike 2

If you want to take your CS2 skills to the pro level, you’ll need to master the console commands. These handy keyboard shortcuts let you quickly customize settings, tweak your gameplay, and access features not available through the default menu.

Accessing the Console

To open the console, press the key (to the left of 1). This will open up a command line at the bottom of your screen. To close it, press again.

Useful Commands

  • fov_cs_debug – Changes your field of view. Default is 90, higher is more zoomed out.
  • bind – Binds a command to a key. For example, bind pgup “buy vest” will buy a vest when you press Page Up.
  • cl_showfps – Displays your frames per second. Useful to see if you’re optimizing your video settings properly.
  • bot_kick – Kicks a bot from the game. If bots are cluttering up your practice match, this comes in handy.

There are hundreds more commands with options to customize crosshairs, radar, movement, and much more. The best way to learn is just dive in and experiment! Start with some basics, set up your perfect gameplay configuration, and you’ll be dominating the leaderboards in no time. Console commands give you an advantage by optimizing settings beyond what’s available in the default menu. Take your game to the next level and start entering commands today!

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The Top 10 Most Useful Cs2 Console Commands

To up your Counter-Strike 2 game, you’ll want to get familiar with these console commands.

sv_cheats 1

This enables cheat commands – perfect for practicing your skills or just goofing around. Once enabled, you’ll have access to infinite ammo, noclip mode, and more.


Want to practice against bots? This command will add a bot to the terrorist team. Use bot_add_ct for counter-terrorists. You can add up to 32 bots in a match.

mp_restartgame 1

Made a mess of the map and want to start over? This restarts the entire game and resets everything. All players, bots, scores, and settings will be reset.


Enable noclip mode to fly around and explore the map. You’ll be invincible and able to pass through walls. Use noclip again to disable the mode.

give weapon_awp

Want to snipe? This gives you the AWP sniper rifle. Replace “awp” with other weapon names like “ak47”, “glock”, or “deagle” to get different guns.


Set the length of each round in minutes. The default is 1.75 minutes but you can make rounds shorter or longer. Use a value like “0.5” for 30 second rounds or “10” for 10 minute rounds.


Normally a round ends when a team completes the objective. This command ignores those conditions so rounds never officially end. Use again to disable.


Set the “freeze time” at the start of each round in seconds. During freeze time, players can buy weapons but can’t move. Default is 6 seconds, use 0 to disable freeze time altogether.


Set the amount of time in seconds during which players can buy items at the beginning of each round. Default is 45 seconds, use a higher value for more time or 0 to disable buying.

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Advanced Console Commands in Cs2 to Improve Gameplay

To take your CS2 gameplay to the next level, there are a few console commands you need to know. These advanced commands allow you to fine-tune settings, enable cheat codes, and access features not available through the standard options menu.

sv_cheats 1

This is the big one. Enabling cheats allows you to do all kinds of crazy stuff like fly around the map, spawn any weapon, and become invincible. Be warned though, using cheats will disable achievements and stats tracking for that session.


If you want to practice against computer-controlled bots, this command will add a counter-terrorist bot to the match. You can specify the difficulty, team, and bot name. For example, bot_add_ct expert CT_Sniper will add an expert level sniper bot to the counter-terrorist team.


This handy command displays info like your field of view, zoom level, position coordinates and where your crosshair is aimed. It’s great for fine-tuning your aim and learning the specifics of CS2’s shooting mechanics.

cl_showfps 1

Want to see how your system and network are performing? This command displays your frames per second, ping, and a graph of your frame times. If you’re experiencing performance issues, the info from cl_showfps can help determine if it’s a system, network, or server-side problem.

Using these pro-level console commands, you’ll gain valuable insights into CS2’s inner workings and open up gameplay possibilities that will make you a force to be reckoned with. Now get out there and pwn some newbs!

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Console Command Cheats and Hacks in Counter Strike 2

God Mode (invincibility)

Type “sv_cheats 1” and then “god” to activate God mode. This will make you invulnerable to all damage, allowing you to wreak havoc without consequence. Be careful though, other players will quickly realize you’re cheating!

No Clip (walk through walls)

To walk through walls and barriers, enable cheats again with “sv_cheats 1” and enter “noclip”. This will allow you to float through the map, seeing areas of the level you were never meant to access. No clip is a fun way to explore the details developers put into the hidden parts of maps.

Give Weapon

Running low on firepower? Use “give weapon_awp” or “give weapon_ak47” to spawn an AWP sniper rifle or AK-47 assault rifle instantly. Replace the weapon names with any other gun in the game to get more ammo and keep fighting.

Third Person View

For a different perspective on the action, use “thirdperson” to shift into a third-person camera view. Your character model will appear on screen as you move and look around. Toggle it off again with “firstperson”. This can be disorienting for some but provides a cinematic view of gameplay.

Kill Enemy

If there’s a particularly annoying enemy player that just won’t leave you alone, you can instantly defeat them with “kill ”. Make sure you have the exact name of the player, then execute the kill command and that player will die, regardless of their location on the map. Using this command too frequently can get you banned from servers though, so use sparingly!

Console commands open up CS2 to all sorts of hacks and cheats for an unfair advantage or just to mess around and have some fun. But be warned, most server admins don’t take kindly to players obviously abusing these cheats, so you may find yourself kicked or banned. Use these powerful console commands wisely!

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Cs2 Console Commands FAQs

What are the most useful console commands?

Some of the most useful CS2 console commands are:

  • sv_cheats 1 – Enables cheat commands like noclip (no clipping mode) and god (god mode). Useful when you want to explore the map.
  • impulse 101 – Gives you full health, armor and ammo. Comes in handy when you need extra gear in a pinch.
  • bind “key” “command” – Allows you to bind any command to a specific key. For example, bind “F10” “quit” will allow you to quit the game by pressing F10.
  • r_drawviewmodel 0 – Hides your weapon model so you have a cleaner view of the game. Toggle it back on with r_drawviewmodel 1.
  • bot_kick – Kicks all bots from the current game. Use when bots are hampering your single player fun.

How do I enable the console?

To enable the CS2 console, go to Options > Keyboard/Mouse and check the “Enable Developer Console” box. Then press the ~ key (next to 1) to open and close the console.

What commands can I use in multiplayer?

In multiplayer CS2, most cheat commands are disabled for obvious reasons. However, some useful commands you can still use include:

  • bind “key” “command” – For binding keys as mentioned above.
  • rcon_password “password” – Allows server admins to execute commands if they have the rcon password.
  • bot_quota 0 – Disables bots on community servers that have them enabled.
  • cl_interp_ratio 1 – Can reduce latency for some players. Worth testing to see if it helps your ping.
  • voice_enable 0 – Disables voice chat if other players are bothering you. voice_enable 1 turns it back on.

While the CS2 console has many more commands, these cover some of the most frequently asked questions. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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So there you have it, folks. The only CS2 console commands you’ll ever need to up your game and dominate the server. Wasn’t expecting such a short list, were ya? Goes to show you don’t need to memorize a hundred different commands to gain an edge. Just master these essential few and watch your performance skyrocket. Now get out there, try them out in your next match, and have some fun fragging the competition! But use your newfound powers only for good, okay? Great. See you on the battlefield.

CS2 Console Commands