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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tips & Tricks

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tips & Tricks

Hey there, fellow Call of Duty fan! If you’re looking to step up your game and dominate in Black Ops 3, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is jam-packed with pro-level tips from map strategies to customizing your loadout. We’ll cover everything from optimizing your controller settings for faster response times to mastering advanced movement techniques that’ll have you owning the battlefield. With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be on your way to nabbing first place on the scoreboards in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting your feet wet in multiplayer, you’ll find plenty of advice to take your skills to the next level. Let’s dive in and transform you into an unstoppable Call of Duty machine!

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Mastering the Basics: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tips for Beginners

Choose a Playstyle That Suits You

Call of Duty has something for everyone. Do you prefer to run and gun, snipe from afar, or play a support role? Choose weapons, perks, and specialists that complement your strengths. Don’t try to do it all – focus on what you’re good at.

Learn the Maps

Knowing the layout of each map is key to success. Play custom games against bots to explore each map and learn the locations of key areas. Pay attention to high-traffic zones, choke points, sniper spots, and flanking routes. The more you play, the more intuitive the maps will become.

Aim for the Head

In Black Ops 3, headshots are king. They do the most damage and can kill in one shot. Practice keeping your crosshairs at head level and work on quick, accurate aiming. Burst firing can help, as it reduces recoil and makes it easier to stay on target.

Use Your Specialist Weapon

Your specialist weapon recharges over time and can turn the tide of battle. Learn how and when to use it most effectively. For example, use Gravity Spikes to clear an objective or room, Kinetic Armor to tank damage in a firefight, or Sparrow to pick off enemies at range. Time it right and your specialist weapon can make a huge impact.

Play the Objective

Black Ops 3 has a variety of objective-based game modes, from Domination to Search & Destroy. Make playing the objective a priority – your kill/death ratio isn’t as important. Capture flags, plant/defuse bombs, and help your team win. You’ll gain more experience, level up faster, and your teammates will appreciate your support. Objective play is the key to victory!

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Sensitivity and Controller Settings: Optimizing Your Controls

To improve your skills, you need to customize your controller settings. The default settings are way too slow and clunky for fast-paced FPS action.

Aim Sensitivity

Turn your aim sensitivity up to at least 8 or 9.

This allows you to quickly snap your sights onto enemies and track them as they move. Start around 8 and adjust up from there until you find a speed that works for you without losing accuracy.

Stick Layout

Consider switching your stick layout to “Tactical”.

This swaps your crouch/prone button with your melee button, allowing you to crouch and dropshot without taking your thumbs off the sticks. Dropping to prone instantly in a firefight can save your life, so this control scheme is ideal for competitive play.

Button Layout

You may also want to adjust your button layout for easier access to equipment and abilities.

Try mapping your lethal and tactical equipment to the bumpers or triggers so you can quickly throw grenades or activate abilities mid-gunfight. You can also map your specialist weapon or ability to Y/Triangle for quick activation with a single tap.

Practice and Adjust

The key is to practice with your new sensitivity and control settings to build muscle memory.

Play against bots to warm up, then jump into multiplayer. Be prepared to tweak and adjust as needed to suit your personal playstyle. With time, these optimized controls will become second nature, allowing you to focus on strategy, awareness, and outmaneuvering your opponents.

With the right custom settings in place, you’ll gain a competitive edge and see your performance in Black Ops 3 start to improve dramatically. Now get out there, soldier, and own the battlefield!

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Improving Your Aim: Drills and Techniques for Better Accuracy

To dominate the leaderboards in Black Ops 3, you need to master the basics—and that starts with improving your accuracy. The following drills and techniques will help boost your precision and make every shot count.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to truly improve is to practice. Set up a custom game on a map like Nuk3town and add in tons of bots. Make it a headshots-only game to really focus your aim. Start at a lower difficulty and work your way up as you improve. Try different guns to get a feel for each weapon’s recoil and fire rate.

Adjust Your Sensitivity

A sensitivity that’s too high will make it hard to track targets precisely. Lower your sensitivity for more control and gradually increase it as your skills improve. A good rule of thumb is to be able to do a 180 turn with one full swipe of your mousepad.

Aim for the Head

Headshots deal more damage, so make them a priority. Focus on placing your crosshairs at head level as you move around the map. In firefights, target the upper chest and let the recoil carry your aim up to the head. With practice, you’ll be popping headshots in no time.

Strafe and Fire

Don’t just stand still while shooting. Strafing, or sidestepping, makes you a harder target to hit while allowing you to maintain accuracy. Time your shots between strafes, firing as your crosshairs pass over the enemy. This takes practice but will win you more duels.

Pre-Aim Common Spots

On maps you know well, pre-aim spots where enemies frequently appear or travel. Have your crosshairs trained on these chokepoints as you navigate, ready to take out anyone who wanders into your line of sight. The quicker you acquire a target, the faster you can eliminate them.

With regular practice of these techniques, your precision and reaction times will improve drastically. You’ll be popping heads and dominating matches in no time! Stay focused and keep at it—every bot and player you take down gets you one step closer to the top of the scoreboard.

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Map Knowledge Is Key: Learning Spawns and High Traffic Areas

Knowing the maps inside and out in Black Ops 3 is one of the keys to success. Familiarize yourself with the spawn points, choke points, camping spots, and objectives of each map. This knowledge will allow you to predict enemy movement and gain the upper hand.

Learn the Spawns

Spawn points are where players reappear after dying. Learn where these spots are located on each map so you can anticipate where enemies may come from after respawning. Some maps have fixed spawns, while others have spawn points that rotate each match. Either way, knowing the spots will help you catch enemies off guard.

Know the Choke Points

Choke points are narrow pathways that funnel players into confined areas. These spots often become intense firefights, so you’ll want to proceed with caution. Try flanking choke points when possible to get the drop on enemies focused on a frontal assault. You can also set up ambushes at choke points since you know players will be forced into that space.

Find the Camping Spots

Skilled campers know all the best hiding spots, so you’ll want to discover them yourself. Look for spots that provide cover and clear lines of sight to objectives or high-traffic areas. Camping spots near choke points or spawn points can be especially deadly. Use equipment like Shock Charges or Trip Mines to cover your six while camping.

Objective Knowledge is Power

Know exactly where the objectives are located, like bomb sites, capture points or safeguard robots. Rushing to objectives and securing them first often means victory. You’ll also want to memorize the multiple pathways to each objective so you can flank enemies defending them.

With intimate knowledge of the maps, you’ll gain a huge advantage in Black Ops 3. You’ll control the spawn points, lock down choke points, set up deadly ambushes, and secure objectives before your enemies even know what hit them. Study those maps and you’ll be dominating in no time!

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Class Setups and Loadouts: How to Build Classes to Suit Your Playstyle

The key to success in Black Ops 3 is finding the right combination of weapons, perks, scorestreaks, and equipment that matches how you like to play. Do you prefer to rush the enemy head-on? Or are you more of a stealth player who sticks to the shadows? Build your custom classes around your strengths and playstyle.

For the Run and Gunner

If you’re an aggressive player who’s always on the move, choose a loadout built for speed and firepower. Select an SMG like the Vesper or VMP as your primary weapon, and equip perks that allow you to move quickly like Lightweight and Fast Hands. For your scorestreaks, pick UAV, Counter-UAV, and the H.A.T.R. to help you hunt down enemies.Finish off your class with concussion grenades to stun your opponents before moving in for the kill.

For the Stealth Operative

If subtlety is more your style, build a stealth class to move quietly and stay off the enemy’s radar. Choose an assault rifle with a suppressor like the KN-44 or HVK-30, and equip the Ghost perk so you don’t appear on UAV scans. Also select the Dead Silence perk to mask the sound of your footsteps, and add a shock charge or trip mine to cover your back. For scorestreaks, pick the UAV, Care Package, and Power Core to aid your team without giving away your position.

For the All-Around Player

Want a versatile class that handles well in any situation? Create a balanced loadout with an assault rifle like the Man-O-War or M8A7 as your primary, and a pistol as your secondary for close quarters. Select useful perks such as Flak Jacket, Fast Hands, and Gung-Ho that provide protection and faster weapon handling. Add a frag grenade and concussion grenade for multi-purpose equipment. For scorestreaks, the UAV, Hellstorm missile, and R.A.P.S. deploy ship give you a mix of team support and offensive power. This well-rounded class has all your bases covered.

With the huge variety of weapons, perks, and equipment in Black Ops 3, you have plenty of options to build custom classes tailored to your personal playing style. Experiment with different loadouts to find the right combination for dominating the competition.

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So there you have it, 10 tips to take your skills to the next level in Black Ops 3. From mastering advanced movement to learning the maps and spawns, improving your aim and reaction time, and using the right guns and perks for your playstyle, you now have a solid gameplan. Don’t get discouraged if it takes time and practice to get better. Stick with it, focus on improving bit by bit each match, review your gameplay to spot weaknesses, and have fun competing. With dedicated effort, you’ll be dominating lobbies and climbing the leaderboards in no time. Just remember to keep it chill, stay adaptable, and support your team. Your skills will get sharper with experience. Now get out there, implement these tips, and own some noobs!

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tips