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AlphaKep Rocket League Settings

AlphaKep Rocket League Settings

You’ve watched his unbelievable air dribbles and flip resets on stream. You’ve seen his team take down the best Rocket League has to offer in tournaments. Now it’s time to unlock the secrets behind AlphaKep’s success. In this guide, we’ll break down the camera, controls, and video settings AlphaKep uses to dominate the pitch. From deadzone shape to FOV, we’ve got all the inside info straight from the source. Think copying a pro’s settings is the key to ranking up? Maybe, maybe not. But understanding how top players fine-tune their setups can help take your mechanics to the next level. So buckle up and get ready to go behind the scenes with one of Rocket League’s biggest rising stars.

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Who Is AlphaKep? An Introduction to the Rocket League Pro

The Legend Behind the Name

AlphaKep is the alias of professional Rocket League player Kevin Pereira. Known for his calculated and consistent gameplay style, AlphaKep competes in major esports tournaments like the Rocket League Championship Series. He’s won over $200,000 in prize money and has a huge following on Twitch, where fans tune in to learn his strategies and settings.

Settings and Strategies

AlphaKep is known for his deft ball control and passing plays. To pull off his signature moves, he uses a controller with custom key bindings and deadzone settings. His camera settings provide a wide field of view so he can see teammates and opponents. AlphaKep mains the Octane hitbox and favors a balanced playstyle.

Team Duelmasters

AlphaKep plays for Duelmasters, a top pro Rocket League team. Along with teammates Delta and Echo, AlphaKep has led Duelmasters to win multiple major tournaments. The team is known for fast, coordinated offense and tough defense. Duelmasters and AlphaKep have a dedicated fanbase that supports them at live events and on Twitch.

Beyond the Pitch

Outside of competition, AlphaKep streams Rocket League on Twitch, where he engages with fans and offers tips for improving gameplay. He’s known for his positive attitude and sportsmanship. AlphaKep advocates for mental health awareness and reducing toxicity in gaming. While fiercely competitive, he believes that good sportsmanship and camaraderie are just as important. His message of positivity and inclusion has resonated with fans worldwide.

AlphaKep worked hard to become a Rocket League legend. With skill, strategy, and the right mindset, you can follow in his footsteps. Tune in to learn his secrets and maybe one day you’ll face off against him on the pitch!

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AlphaKep’s Camera Settings for Optimal Aerial Control

To pull off the aerial maneuvers and redirects that AlphaKep is known for, you need a camera setup optimized for precision. 

Field of View 

AlphaKep uses a FOV of 110, which gives you a wide view of the field so you can see teammates and opponents at all times. The increased visibility makes it easier to line up shots from any angle.


For distance, AlphaKep sets the camera to 260. This close-up view lets you accurately judge the ball’s trajectory in the air and on the ground. You’ll have an easier time anticipating bounces and getting solid contact for aerials.


AlphaKep’s camera height is 110. This high angle gives you a strategic view of the field so you know where all the players are positioned. It’s also ideal for aerial control since you can see more of the space around your car. You’ll have an easier time making micro-adjustments to redirect the ball.


Finally, AlphaKep uses a camera angle of -3. This slightly tilted angle provides the optimal view for dribbling, aerials, and wall play. You can see more of the area in front of and below your car which helps with ball control and reacting quickly.

With these pro-level camera settings, you’ll gain a decisive edge for aerial plays and redirects. Practice makes perfect, so spend time in free play and training modes adjusting to the new settings. In no time, you’ll be pulling off aerial shots and passes worthy of the Rocket League pros!

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Controller Bindings That Give AlphaKep His Signature Speed

AlphaKep is known for his lightning-fast plays and ability to zoom across the Rocket League arena. A big part of what gives him his signature speed is his controller bindings. Unlike many pro players who use a standard Xbox or PlayStation controller, AlphaKep uses a custom controller with paddles that allow him to jump, boost, powerslide, and air roll without moving his thumbs off the joysticks.

Boost on Left Paddle

AlphaKep has mapped boost to the left paddle on his controller. This means he can keep boosting and adjusting his direction at the same time. Since boosting while turning is key to maintaining momentum, this custom binding gives AlphaKep a speed advantage. He never has to choose between boosting or steering.

Jump on Right Paddle

Having jump also mapped to a paddle, the right one in AlphaKep’s case, lets him jump and make micro-adjustments to his flight path simultaneously. This is essential for nailing aerials, double taps, and flip resets. With jump on a face button, most players have to briefly release the thumbstick to jump, costing them precious milliseconds of control.

Powerslide and Air Roll on Bumpers

AlphaKep has powerslide and air roll mapped to the bumpers above the triggers on his controller. This mapping, combined with the paddles, gives him full control over all the key mechanics that enable supersonic speed and aerial mastery. With powerslide, air roll, boost, and jump all instantly accessible, AlphaKep can weave, spin, and soar across the field faster than opponents can react.

If you want to emulate AlphaKep’s speedy style, experimenting with controller mappings that keep your thumbs glued to the joysticks as much as possible is key. Paddles and bumpers for critical functions will give you the control and responsiveness to become a human highlight reel. Of course, many hours of practice don’t hurt either!

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How AlphaKep Tunes His Car for Maximum Power

AlphaKep is known for his precise tuning and mastery of the Octane, his car of choice in Rocket League. To get the maximum power and performance out of the Octane, AlphaKep makes very specific customizations under the hood.


AlphaKep always opts for the Octane ZSR engine which provides a higher top speed and acceleration than the standard engine. He then equips the ‘Nitrous’ rocket boost for an extra burst of speed. With these high-powered components, AlphaKep’s Octane becomes a speed demon on the field.


Lightweight wheels are essential for reaching top speeds, so AlphaKep chooses ‘Saptarishi’ wheels which are amongst the lightest in the game. The lightweight wheels provide less resistance when turning and accelerating.


AlphaKep keeps his decals simple with just the ‘Stripes’ decal. The minimal decal reduces drag and keeps the Octane as aerodynamic as possible. Some pros use flashier decals for style, but AlphaKep is all about maximizing performance.


To compensate for the raw power and speed, AlphaKep also makes handling adjustments. He increases the Octane’s turn radius to make sharp cuts and quick turns. Stiffer springs are equipped to reduce body roll in corners. With these tweaks, AlphaKep maintains complete control of his suped-up Octane at high speeds.

Through meticulous tuning of each part, AlphaKep transforms the Octane into a perfectly balanced high-performance machine. His customized Octane has become an extension of his skill and reflexes, allowing him to dominate on the Rocket League field. Competitors can only hope to match his speed and mastery one day.

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AlphaKep’s Tips for Mastering Rocket League Settings Like a Pro

Find Your Sensitivity Sweet Spot

AlphaKep recommends starting with a mid-range sensitivity setting around 5 or 6 and adjusting from there based on your playstyle. Lower sensitivity gives you more control for precision shots and dribbling, while higher sensitivity allows for quicker turns and reactions. Play around with it to find what’s right for you.

Use Ball Cam Sparingly

While ball cam can be useful for tracking the ball from far away or when it’s off-screen, AlphaKep recommends turning it off when dribbling, shooting, and making close-up plays. With ball cam on, the camera swings wildly as the ball moves, making it hard to line up shots and control the ball. Get used to toggling ball cam on and off during matches.

Master Aerial Sensitivity

For aerials and freestyles, AlphaKep cranks his sensitivity up to around 8 or 9. The higher sensitivity gives you more speed and control to pull off twisting aerial shots and redirects. Be warned though, the high sensitivity can make ground play feel chaotic. Again, get comfortable toggling between settings as needed during a match.

Find Your Camera Settings

Camera settings are personal preference, but AlphaKep uses settings that give a wide field of view to see more of the field and the action around him. His settings are: FOV 110, Camera Distance 250, Camera Height 110, and Camera Angle -3. Play around with the different options to find camera settings that suit your playstyle and give you the view of the field you want.

Continually Adjust and Improve

There’s no “perfect” combination of settings in Rocket League. Even the pros are constantly tweaking their controls and cameras to gain every advantage. Take AlphaKep’s tips as a starting point, but continue experimenting to find what works for your unique skills and playstyle. With practice, you’ll be mastering aerials and freestyles in no time!

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The thrill of competition and the possibility of winning money are huge motivators for Rocket League players.

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The key to success is practice. Before risking your own money in a paid tournament, spend time competing in the free practice arenas. Work on aerials, dribbling, passing and defending until you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Watch tutorial videos from pros like AlphaKep to pick up advanced techniques. With diligent practice, your skills and confidence will grow in no time.

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So there you have it – a peek behind the curtain at AlphaKep’s settings and controls that help make him one of the best Rocket League players out there. Sure, raw skill matters, but don’t underestimate the power of finding controls that feel intuitive. Take some time to think about what adjustments might work for your playstyle. AlphaKep’s settings might feel totally awkward for you! The goal is to find your own “secret recipe” that makes controlling your car feel like second nature. With the right settings dialed in, you’ll be pulling off next-level maneuvers before you know it. Who knows – you might even give AlphaKep a run for his money someday! The only way to find out is to start tinkering.

AlphaKep's settings